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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Gold Peak Revives the Iced-Tea Classics

It’s the taste of home-styled iced tea and the sunny afternoons, bottled up in a stylish 16.9-oz. glass bottle. The product’s packaging itself says so, with the lakeside scene featured on the label, which reminds you of the simple goodness of iced-tea.

From the Coca Cola North America Company, comes this delicious alternative to a normal ‘filled with pretty much everything minus the original stuff’ beverages. “Gold Peak is the modern, convenient expression of the classic drink we all know and love,” said Gloria Garrett, vice president of Coca-Cola North America’s Hydration Business Unit. Offered in five flavors - sweetened, unsweetened, lemon, diet and green tea - Gold Peak is bound to satisfy those iced-tea enthusiasts that simply want the home-style flavor in a quick-to-go bottled option. “We make it for those who love great iced tea, and it delivers a taste so balanced and delicious, it reminds you of the best glass of tea you’ve ever had.”

Currently, this product is only available for purchase in the U.S.

To order or ask questions, please contact your local Coca-Cola Bottler or Coca-Cola Food Service Representative at (1)(800) 488-2267.

Roasting and Connoisseur Brewing Flick

Although it is not the latest blockbuster filled with the Hollywood stars and glamour, JavaMan’s recent educational DVD entitled, Wake Up Everybody! The Science of Roasting & Brewing Coffee at Home, sure has potential.

The video program provides technical, step-by-step instruction on simple home coffee roasting of fresh gourmet coffee with a hot air popcorn popper. It offers exact details on brewing connoisseur-quality cup of coffee, whether using the French Press, a Pour-Over Drip Pot or a Vacuum Pot.

The DVD tackles questions and issues that concern many roasters. The sections include:

• Coffee: How Good Can It Be?
• What is Gourmet or ‘Specialty’ Coffee?
• What Is Home Coffee Roasting and How Do I Get Started?
• How Do I Prepare a Golden Cup of Coffee?
• What is ‘Fresh’ Coffee?

The 1 1/2 hour, information packed video pinpoints it all, making it a definite must-have in your DVD collection!

JavaMan, Verdova Bishop (president). Tel: (1)(301) 237-3439, E-Mail: verdova.bishop@verizon.net, Web: www.javaman.us.

T42 Introduces New 4-Pack Carriers

Although it looks like a complicated algebra equation, the T42 4-Pack is actually Teacrest Corporation’s latest beverage lineup. “As a small tea company, we have to remain competitive and responsive,” said Maurice Hakim, president of Teacrest. “The elegant black packaging with our unique white logo creates a striking presence on the retail shelf.” The six available flavors - Raspberry Herbal Tea, Iced Tea with Lemon, Early Grey Tea, Peach Herbal Tea, Green Tea with Ginger and Green Tea with Lemon - are all natural, caffeine-free and fruity-flavored.

According to the company, they have been playing with this idea for over three years, and wanted to present it within a high-end market, and they have fully achieved this purpose. “We finally moved ahead when Wegmans decided to go in this route. We couldn’t be happier, said Hakim. ” Wegmans Supermarket, which operates stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, is considered a high-end market chain.

Teacrest Corp., P.O. Box 33255, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33420. Tel: (1)(561) 691-9147, Fax: (1)(561) 691-9148, E-mail: teacrest@bellsouth.net, Web: www.drinkT42.com.

Nuova Simonelli Doubles Their Take

With their latest espresso units - the Aurelia and Microbar, Nuova Simonelli continues its leadership in the market of espresso coffee machines market. Due to the company’s focus on maintaining tradition and high technology, as well as producing a range of products, their level of distribution and exports have remained high (approximately 80%).

The Aurelia, according to the company, is the first espresso coffee machine to be certified by the European Institute of Ergonomy, due to its power panel with a backlit push-button panel to guide the operator choosing the selection they desire, as well as the silicon rubber used to guarantee durability and a good grip. The Microbar follows some similar features and setup, and with the smart card, the possibilities, options and even terminology - with the 12-language software - are endless.

In terms of design and innovation, the units are the newest of its kind. The Aurelia, for example, has a programmable luminous display board, which allows the operator to transmit messages aimed at arousing the public’s interest. According to the company, it also possible to change and combine the colors of the unit’s chassis. The Microbar also follows the innovations that make a Nuova Simonelli machine, with its very high technology and design.

As for the barista and barmen using the units, the company has implemented certain features and characteristics to quicken and simplify their tasks, without minimizing or sacrificing the taste of the beverages.

Nuova Simonelli USA, d - 6940 Salashan Pkwy, Bldg A, Ferndale, Washington, 98284. Tel: (1)(360) 366-4015, E-mail: info@nuovadistribution.com, Web: www.nuovadistribution.com.

Tea & Coffee - September/October, 2006

Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!

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