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Xpress Yourself

Azkoyen´s Xpression is a new range of Super Automatic Espresso machines, set to change the imprecise art of Espresso production into a scientific certainty.

Espressos, Caffe Lattes, Capuccinos are made with the touch of a button, and with automatic milk frothing all the guess work is taken out. But for the Barista Azkoyen has given them the option of the traditional steam wand.

Another line called the Azkoyen Spression, ensures that the perfect Caffe Latte is finally within reach of everybody in the workplace. The machine is compact and takes up half the space of traditional 2 group espresso machines, yet is capable of producing 240 cups per hour.

AZKOYEN Industrial, Avda San Silvestre s/n, 31350 Peralta, Navarra, Spain. Tel: (34) 948 709 709, Fax: (34) 948 709 708, E-mail: salesservice@azkoyen.com.

Art Deco Espresso Cup

Riedel Crystal is introducing a new instrument from which to enjoy espresso. The Riedel Espresso Cup and saucer are produced from a clear crystal rather than opaque ceramic to allow the deep brown of the coffee and caramel-colored crema (foamy cap) to be clearly admired from all angles. It has a ridged, semi-circular, hole-less handle that does not transmit heat which in turn prevents burnt fingers and is big enough for a large man’s hand to securely and comfortably grasp.

The saucers are oblong so that they are long enough to securely grasp at one end while narrow enough to leave a table unencumbered. They have a notch at one end to cradle the heavy-bottomed cup’s handle so that it fits very securely in the saucer.

Riedel Crystal of America, 95 Mayfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837. Tel: (1)(732) 346-8960, Fax:(1)(732) 346-8977, E-mail: info@riedelusa.com, Web site: www.riedelcrystal.com.

Get in Shape...with Coffee!

Javalution is introducing Java Fit, a high-energy, fat burning, appetite-suppressing coffee that will help your consumers lose weight, states the company. It delivers appetite-suppressing, fat-metabolizing nutrients .

Three effective weight loss nutrients and Java Fit’s caffeine content will create enhanced energy and deliver savings, convenience and weight loss effectiveness, states the company, The coffee comes in three flavors: Original Roast, French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

Javalution, 2485 E. Sunrise Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 Tel: (1)(954) 568-1747, Fax: (1)(954) 568-0851, E-mail: gloria@javalution.com, Web site: www.javalution.com.

Freshen the Air…with Coffee!

Your customers are crazy for coffee, but not just for the taste. They also love the smell! The aroma of coffee is one none of us can get enough of. And now we don’t have to. Imagine being able to get a whiff of that enticing coffee at any time of the day. This 2 3/4” tall, hard pastic air freshener is shaped just like a “to go” coffee cup. Pull off the freshness seal and the sweet aroma of coffee will permeate the air! ! It will keep your customers mouths watering for coffee - and your shop - all day.

Accoutrements, P.O. Box 30811, Seattle, Washington 98113. Tel: (1)(425) 349-3838, Fax: (1)(425) 349-5188, E-mail: info@accoutrements.com, Web site: www.accoutrements.com.

Tea, As You Like It

S & D Coffee, Inc. is introducing their new Flavored Tea Sweeteners. An increased interest in health has lead to an increased popularity of iced tea. S & D’s Flavored Tea Sweeteners are poured directly into the brewed tea and require almost no stirring, allowing your consumers to easily turn traditional iced tea into a gourmet iced beverage. One container of this pre-measured sweetener will be enough for one batch of freshly brewed iced tea.

S & D’s sweetener will be available in six flavors: Lemon, Passion Fruit, Peach, Raspberry, Tangerine and Traditional Sweet.

S & D Coffee, Inc. 300 Concord Parkway S., Concord, North Carolina 28027 Tel: (1)(704) 782-3121, Fax: (1)(704) 721-5792, E-mail: sales@sndcoffee.com, Web site: www.sndcoffee.com.

A Work of Art in Your Cup

Numi Tea has introduced Artisan Teas: “Leaves of Art”, hand-sewn teas that combine the highest quality tea with an artistically stunning presentation. Hand-sewn full leaf green and white teas are shaped and stitched into exotic blossoms and bundles. In hot water, each variety elegantly unfurls into a dazzling visual bouquet with sweet and subtle flavors for the palate.

“An age-old art form that celebrates the tea leaf, designs are created by artists in each tea garden and then hand-sewn using silk string,” says co-founder of Numi Teas, Ahmed Rahim.

Numi will market these new teas in specially designed dark mahogany bamboo cases. Just a few of the offerings of the line are: White Rose - white tea leaves tied around a rosbud; Jade Fortune - green tea leaves woven into cone-shaped bundles that unravel into a pleasing nutty aroma; and Black My Dan - a black tea tied into a single rosette, which flowers into a peony-like shape and releases a floral aroma with notes of wine and molasses.

Numi , P.O. Box 20420 Oakland, California 94620. Tel: (1)(510) 534-6864, Fax: (1)(510) 536-6864, E-mail: info@numitea.com, Web site: www.numitea.com.

Tea & Coffee - September/October, 2004


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