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Coffee Beanery Creates an “Espresso Perfecto”
The Coffee Beanery has introduced its Italian-style espresso “Espresso Perfecto,” at its retail locations across the U.S. According to president and founder JoAnne Shaw, the company’s new blend recipe, combining Central and South American and African origins, was developed specifically to deliver the best traditional espresso flavor.

Using its Right Roast process, The Coffee Beanery’s espresso roast has been adjusted to achieve a deep, lustrous brown color without charring. The company will use more grams of coffee to produce the same liquid measure of finished espresso drink, which means the product will be fuller and richer in taste.

The Coffee Beanery has also refined its method for frothing milk for its espresso-based drinks (cappuccino, latté and mochas). By injecting less air into the milk, the result is a silkier, creamier milk foam, states the company.

“The end result for espresso lovers will be a fuller, richer taste,” says Shaw. “Our objective here was for consumers to be able to drink a cup of espresso without having to add any sugar. Our beans, roast and extraction method work together to create a sweeter, creamier drink which is truer to the European product and doesn’t need any additional enhancement.”

Founded in 1976, The Coffee Beanery is a privately held company headquartered in Flushing, Michigan. Founded by JoAnne and Julius Shaw, the company franchises and supports a network of upscale cafes, retail stores, carts and kiosks that specialize in serving the specialty arabica coffee.

The Coffee Beanery, Ltd., 3429 Pierson Place, Flushing Michigan, 48433. Tel: (810) 733-1020, Fax: (810) 733-1536.

R&R Beans Grow into Orinoco
R& R Beans/R&R Trade International of Laurel, Maryland, is now Orinoco Coffee and Tea, Ltd. Pedro Ramirez, president, says the new name marks the company’s recent expansion. “We’re no longer just a local coffee supplier specializing in Venezuelan and South American beans. We now have a full line of coffee and teas. We offer marketing services. And we’ve recently doubled our roasting operation, which serves the Washington-Baltimore area. E-commerce capabilities are also in the development phase.”

Orinoco Coffee & Tea was started four years by brothers Pedro and Juan Carlos Ramirez. At that time, they imported coffee primarily from their native Venezuela.

Today, Orinoco (the name of the river that irrigates Venezuela’s prime coffee) supplies major catalogue sellers across the country, as well as chains, small retailers, and individuals. “Our horizons are expanding,” says Pedro Ramirez, “but we’re still serving the small, local customers.”

Orinoco coffee is roasted on demand using Samiac roasters. They offer a full variety of regular, decaffeinated and organic coffees, as well as flavored coffees. Orinoco sells a variety of teas including green, oolong, black and herbal. Prepackaged brand and bulk teas are available.

Orinoco Coffee & Tea, Ltd., 9160 Bursa Rd., Laurel, Maryland 20723. Tel: (301) 953-1200, Fax: (301) 953-0483.

NCA 2000 Conference
Planning is well under way for making the National Coffee Association (NCA) 2000 Fall Educational Conference the best ever. The conference dates are October 26-27, 2000, and will be held jointly at the Millenium Hotel and the New York Board of Trade in New York City.

The information and education committee has focused the 2000 conference on two concurrent program tracks: the “Quest for Quality” and “Marketing in the New Economy.” The target audience is mid- level managers from all segments of the coffee industry. Topics include: Coffee Agronomy, Cupping and Grading, Art and Science of Coffee Roasting, Describing Quality, Brewing the Perfect Cup, and New Products/New Trends.

Covering marketing in the new economy, e-commerce, market research, Consumption Statistics, How to Create a Recognizable Brand, Market Research Via the Internet, Merchandising, and New Products/New Trends. Special services will include a roaster tour and the popular mock trading session and Cocktail Party at the New York Board of Trade. We are again offering you an opportunity to sponsor an event or session at the conference.

National Coffee Association, Steve Wolfe, CAE, Director, Membership Development & Marketing, 15 Maiden Lane, Suite 1405, New York, New York 10038-4003, Tel: (212) 766-4007, Fax: (212) 766-5815. Web site: www.ncausa.org

Here and There...
Be-Bop Biscotti’s new bakery facility, located in a converted 1940s dance hall couldn’t be more fitting, states the company. Celebrating their first year of successful operation, co-owners Sarah and Michael Holmes have relocated its shop within its native Bend, Oregon. Be-Bop Biscotti offers handcrafted, gourmet biscotti in many different flavors.

Tea & Coffee - September/October 2000
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