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Premier’s Tea Ltd. Distributes in North America

Premier’s Tea Ltd, located in Kolkata, India, opened its distribution network of specialty Indian teas, both natural and organically grown, as well a wide range of flavored teas in North America, by opening Premier’s Tea North America Ltd. Distribution will be done through offices at Burlington, Ontario, Canada headed by chairman, Martie Dorie and president Bobby Hebert.

The product line will now be available throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada, coming directly from India with certified logos issued by the Indian Tea Board. “Premier’s is an ISO 9001-2000 certified organization and its tea plant at Kolkata stands certified as HACCP, GMP, IFS (Higher version 4) and stands certified for processing and packaging organic teas complying with Indian, JAS, USDA and EU Standards,” says Premier’s.

For more information, visit www.premiertea.net.

The World Bids For The Best Of Guatemalan Coffees:
Sets New Record Price For Cup Of Excellence

Demand for top-quality Guatemalan coffees drove this year’s Cup of Excellence competition to new heights, as the auction broke the top price ever received for a Cup of Excellence coffee. In addition to smashing the previous record, the Guatemala auction also bested the average price and total auction volume records.

The top scoring coffee from El Injerto l received $80.20, well above the previous record of $49.75 for a Brazilian coffee. The coffee, of the Pacamara variety, was purchased by Stumptown Coffee Roasters of Portland and Maruyama Coffee for Mikatajuku Group of Japan, and received an international jury score of 93.68. It was described as very complex with huge body that is well balanced and features clean sweet layers of fruit with a harmonious acidity. Sweet Maria’s Coffee Co. of California will also be enjoying owning part of this record-breaking coffee.

The second and third place coffees were purchased by Coffee Bean International to be roasted for Target Inc. The second place coffee, La Benedicion, was purchased for $17.05 and the third place coffee, San Guayaba, for $21.05. The latter boasts a sweet fruit aroma with complex acidity, fine creamy body and floral aroma with a long-lasting tart and sweet aftertaste.

“We are excited about the records broken from our previous years in Cup of Excellence,” explained William Hempstead, marketing director for ANACAFE, “because it represents that all participants in the auction acquired premium prices for their quality coffees. In fact, San Guayaba farm is the highest second price received in an auction.” Hempstead also noted the diversity of buyers in the auction, “with very aggressive bids for the 25 winning lots from U.S., Japan, the UK, Norway, Germany and Holland.”

For more information, visit www.cupofexcellence.org.

Glatfelter’s Response to Abaca Fiber Shortages

Raw material delivery issues in recent months affected tea and coffee filter paper availability. These shortages have affected all major long fiber filter producers in the industry. Despite Glatfelter’s better positioning with their pulping facilities in the main growing region, they too have been affected by the supply challenges. Glatfelter was not able to fulfill the order quantities and timelines requested from their customers.

The main reason for the present imbalance is the shortage of raw abaca fiber. The factors contributing to this issue are an increasing world demand for beverage filtration papers and the reduced harvests from major climatic issues. In addition, the rise in new applications has drained the market of raw abaca fiber. The combination of these reasons has created a situation where supply is not meeting demand, and it is anticipated that this situation will continue for 12-18 months.

By leveraging their technical knowledge and understanding of beverage filtration, Glatfelter is able to use alternative sources of suitable fibers to mitigate the shortage of abaca fiber in order to meet the current market challenges and customer requirements. While creating additional supply, these proactive actions have resulted in reduced machine efficiencies and higher production costs. The changes to the costs for their products will at some stage need to be addressed in our pricing; however, the immediate concern of Glatfelter is to assist customers through the initial period of reduced Abaca availability and focus on long-term solutions.

Glatfelter continues to invest the expansion of production capacity in order to service the increased market demand. Through a series of ongoing projects over the past two years, Glatfelter has increased its available supply capacity by more than 10% and has invested more than $20 million. Further capacity is expected in the third quarter of 2008.

For further information, visit www.glatfelter.com.

Coffee Kids 20th Anniversary Dinner Fundraising

Coffee Kids 20th Anniversary Dinner celebration raised almost $100,000 for coffee-farming families. Over 240 people attended the event held during the SCAA’s Conference & Exhibition in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Retiring Founder Bill Fishbein was honored by representatives from CECOCAFEN, a Coffee Kids partner in Nicaragua working in education and microfinance. The dinner also featured the screening of a new film on the impact of Coffee Kids.

Money raised at the celebration will be used to help Coffee Kids’ partners continue their efforts in coffee-farming communities in Latin America. Coffee Kids’ 12 partners work in economic diversification, health care, education and other community-based programs that help improve quality of life for coffee-farming families and reduce their reliance on the coffee crop.

For more information, visit www.coffeekids.org.

Coffee Quality Institute and Rainforest Alliance Sign MOU

The Coffee Quality Institute and the Rainforest Alliance signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), entering into a partnership to jointly expand the value and volume of high-quality Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. The purpose of the agreement is to develop strategies that enhance buyer value through a platform of corporate social responsibility that combines environmental, social and economic stewardship with an emphasis on quality. The basis of the partnership is complementing the Rainforest Alliance’s existing infrastructure of conservation and sustainable development in the coffee sector with the Coffee Quality Institute’s system for measuring coffee quality, the Q Grading System.

Randy Layton, Boyd Coffee Co., commented, “We are committed to continually increasing our purchases of Rainforest Alliance coffees and their relationship with CQI will allow us to more readily identify the qualities and cup profiles we need.” Further addressing the value to the marketplace, Ted Lingle, executive director of CQI, remarked, “Ultimately, quality drives consumption and the path to increasing consumer interest in certified coffees is quality. The combination of Rainforest Alliance Certified with Q Certified Quality is a very powerful story to tell consumers.”

One of the first activities of the partnership is to integrate CQI’s quality standards program into the Rainforest Alliance’s tracking and traceability software. In addition, the Rainforest Alliance will promote the quality standards of CQI and its coffee quality improvement concepts within the Rainforest Alliance and its sustainable agriculture program. As the partnership develops, both expect to further engage in activities that jointly promote the two programs including training workshops and cupping events.

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Tea & Coffee - August, 2008

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