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2007 Honduras Cup of Excellence Auction

The Honduras Cup of Excellence program was the fifth and final for Central American farmers and brought the 24 winning coffees an average price of $5.22 per pound. The competition culminated with a successful auction July 10th.

The number of new bidders and the success of the auction is representative of the expanding interest in distinctive high quality Honduran coffees which have been mostly unavailable in the past. Within 10 minutes of the auction, all of the coffee lots had bids, and the bidding continued at a brisk pace until it closed four hours later.

Luis Enrique Vega, a small farmer from El Buen Pastor in Siguatepeque, was thrilled as to the outcome of the competition and auction. His first place coffee, was purchased by Solberg & Hansen AS from Norway, for a price of $18.70/lb.

2007 El Salvador Cup of Excellence Auction

Five years after El Salvador farmers first rallied around the Cup of Excellence (COE) program, the 2007 auction delivered its highest overall average prices to the 23 winning farmers, with an average price of $5.18/ pound and a top price of over $15 per pound.

This fifth year also proved successful for the diversity of the winners. Three of the top four winners were smaller farmers from Chalatenago, a fairly unknown region close to the Honduras border.

Millions of dollars of added value to coffee exports can be attributed to the efforts of the El Salvador industry in placing its major focus on increasing top quality coffee. The Pacamara variety, which was relatively unknown before the Cup of Excellence program brought it cupping accolades, dominated this year’s event with eight winning coffees, including the first place coffee, being of that variety. The winning coffee was from Raul Ochoa’s La Montaña farm.

Since its beginnings in 1999, the Cup of Excellence program has hosted programs in Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Colombia. The program is managed by the non-profit Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc.

For more information about the Cup of Excellence program, to become a member log on to www.cupofexcellence.org.

The World Tea Expo Wraps Up Most Successful Show to Date

The World Tea Expo, a trade show dedicated to tea and tea-related products, wrapped up its most successful year ever this June in Atlanta. The Expo hosted 280 exhibiting companies from 15 different countries. Over three days, the World Tea Expo welcomed a total of 4,456 visitors through its doors. 

This year’s event reflected a number of significant changes. The World Tea Expo management changed the show date from March to June, the venue from Las Vegas to Atlanta and the days of the show to Saturday through Monday. The new location allowed the show to draw in a large number of first-time attendees, with 28.7% of buyers coming from the South Atlantic region, according to the World Tea Cup Expo.

Returning to Las Vegas in 2008, May 30 - June 1 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the Expo expects to return to double-digit attendance growth.

Illy Presents Its “Università Del Caffè” in the U.S.

illy has introduced its Italian-headquartered Università del Caffè curriculum in the U.S., offering two course sessions at New York City’s International Culinary Center. It is the first program of its kind to offer extensive coffee training, inspired by coffee research and led by highly trained coffee experts.

The inaugural two-day Università del Caffè program at the International Culinary Center is the first step in a long-term partnership between Illy and the culinary center, both recognized as international educators.

“We are committed to continued education across all coffee-drinking cultures,” said Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of illycaffè. “The internationalization of Università del Caffè spreads coffee knowledge and technique so that all consumers around the world can appreciate the finest quality product.”

The Università del Caffè program, led by the head of Università del Caffè di Trieste teaching services, Moreno Faina; World Barista Champion, Giorgio Milos; and scientific expert and author, Marino Petracco, includes two special sessions of lecture topics and demos. In Session One, students will be immersed in a university introduction, the history of coffee, coffee and health, green coffee, coffee processing and comparative coffee tasting. Session Two exposes participants to coffee transformation, its rewards on the senses, coffee-based cappuccino and cocktails and an espresso tasting.

For more information, visit www.illy.com.

Dillanos Coffee Roasters Acquires Dominic’s Coffee

Dillanos Coffee Roasters has acquisitioned Dominic’s Coffee Company in Tumwater, Washington. “We believe that Dominic’s shares our commitment to top quality handcrafted roasting,” said David J Morris, CEO of Dillanos. “Our dedication to the art and science of coffee roasting and Dominic’s roasting style and reputation fits well with our mission to provide customers an expanded choice in brand and taste diversification.”

Dominic’s was founded in 1999 by COO Scott Erickson, and currently has over 150 customers with sales nearing $3 million in the greater Puget Sound region, the United States and internationally. The Erickson family has 84 years of customer service and distribution experience. They founded, operate and continue to own Harbor Wholesale Grocery.

Justin Erickson, CEO of Harbor Wholesale Grocery, said Dillanos’ strong management team and commitment to quality made this merging of brands a perfect fit. Both Dillanos and Dominic’s possess a strong commitment to the coffee origin. In supporting Fair Trade (www.transfairusa.org) and direct farm coops, they are making sure that small farms are receiving fair compensation for growing top quality green beans. Both Dominic’s and Dillanos will continue to actively support Coffee Kids (www.coffeekids.org) and other organizations dedicated to assisting coffee growers and their families.

With the Dominic’s acquisition, Dillanos Coffee Roasters will top sales of $20 million. For further information, visit www.dillanos.com or call 253-826-1807.

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Tea & Coffee - August, 2007

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