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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Cappuccine’s New Gourmet Retail Line

Since consumers just love that coffee house experience, why not serve them just that, and possibly a little more with the Cappuccine Reserve, from Cappuccine Inc. From the company that claims to have invented the first, blended ice specialty coffee beverage (almost 13 years ago), comes the Caffe Latte Perfetto, Belgian Chocolate Truffle and Cinnamon Brioche. These are sure to boost everything - from profits to clientele - within your shop.

Cappuccine, 1285 Valdivia Way, Palm Springs, California 92262. Tel: (1)(760) 864-7355, Fax: (1)(760) 864-7360, Web: www.cappuccine.net.

Ito En: Café Sepia

As if being one of the most prominent producers of green tea wasn’t enough, Ito En has decided to enter the coffee beverage sector. With the introduction of Café Sepia, whose name derives from a set of sepia-toned photographs that evoke a sense of timelessness and luxury, the company extends its award-winning lineup of beverages, while also continuing their tradition of innovative packaging and product development. The two blends that they’re currently working with are Café Sepia House Blend and Café Sepia Mocha. They were also roasted in-house in Japan, which goes along with the freshness and quality of Ito En’s products. More flavors will be rolled out later this year.

Ito En (North America) Inc., 45 Main Street, Suite 3A, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Tel: (1)(718) 250-4000, Fax: (1)(718) 246-1325, E-mail: comments@itoen.com, Web: www.itoen.com.

The Chocolate Fix

It’s the sweetness and pleasure of chocolate, minus the guilt, and that’s due to their quirky, eye-catching designs that will keep your mind off of that. Bloomsberry Inc.’s designers, Vanessa Kettelwell and Giles Barker, combined the taste of their highly regarded chocolates, which are made ever so precisely from cocoa beans, with their unique packaging designs. The brightly colored, catchy phrases, such as “Eat Me,” or “Emergency Chocolate,” seem to increase the excitement that only chocolate can bring. It’s no wonder customers can’t seem to resist.

Bloomsberry Inc., 92 Jackson Street, Salem, Massachusetts 01970. Tel: (1)(978) 745-9100, Fax: (1)(978) 745-9150, E-mail: sales@bloomsberry.com, Web: www.bloomsberry.com.

Loose Leaves Ease

The fine taste of loose leaf, but the mess these can leave behind - can make anyone run for safety. The company, TeaSpot would like to rid you of that “blending mess” with their elegant, unique Steepware line. Dedicated simply for the fine art of steeping tea, the company unites modern designs with the followed traditions of preparation. Based on an ancient, Asian practice, the three-piece series is designed to brew a precise 8-oz. cup of tea, with the inside containing a large precision infuser, which - according to the company - can hold various-sized tea leaves. The accompanying lid keeps the tea warm while steeping, and when inverted - this same piece can serve as a saucer to hold the infuser that is removed after brewing is complete.

The Tea Spot, 1801 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302. Tel/Fax: (1)(303) 444-8324, E-mail: sales@the-tea-spot.com, Web: www.the-tea-spot.com.

Caffe D’Amore Knows Best

A trip to the nearest coffee house is not on the top of any child’s to-do list. However, with Caffe D’Amore’s latest frappes, the family can now plan that relaxing, fun trip, without worrying about what to give the kids. Designed specifically for children, or simply the child-within any customer, Frappe 4 Kids is sure to satisfy those jumpy taste buds, as well as the nutrition level. “Kids know when a drink is for them, and when it’s for an adult,” said the company’s president, Paul Comi. Frappe 4 Kids has no trans fat, are low in fat and sugar, but what children love the most are the delicious flavor available: Chocolate Marshmallow, Totally Bananas, Vanilla Cookie Doodle, Frosty Bubblegum, Funky Monkey, and Rainbow.

Caffe D’Amore, Inc., 1107 S. Mountain Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016. Tel: (1)(626) 792-9146, Fax: (1)(626) 792-4382, E-mail: support@caffedamore.com, Web: www.caffedamore.com.

Cha Dao Introducing “The True Taste of Tea”

With a defining taste and flavor, and the memorable logo of a little tea leaf falling into a cup (returning to the belief-theory of tea’s creation), Cha Dao (pronounced “cha-dow”) is putting up a tough fight against companies that have a loose hand when it comes to sugar additives in drinks. The company prides itself on being one of the only green tea drinks with high antioxidant flavonoids, which is the good stuff that keeps you healthy and physically fit. Cha Dao uses pure, organic cane sugar in their beverages, and according to them, due to this they only contain half the calories and carbs of other RTD teas.

The Cha Dao Tea Company, LLC, P.O. Box 31133, Seattle, Washington 98103. Tel: (1)(206) 335-6585, Fax: (1)(206) 547-1190, Web: www.chadaotea.com.

Adagio Teas’ Anteadote Iced Tea

These days, consumers have to compromise healthy choice for flavor, and sometimes quite the opposite happens. Adagio Teas, however, is looking to eliminate that dispute with their latest addition to the family: Anteadote. Available in black, white and Jasmine-flavors, the bottled-tea is made using the latest technology in packaging and bottling process. The company’s method extracts oxygen from each bottle, ridding the need to add artificial products and preservatives, and resulting in a fresh, crisp ready-to-drink beverage. Recent studies confirm this, as does the company’s marketing manager, Michael Adagio, who states that behind tea’s recent rise in popularity are also the facts and figures claiming different health benefits. “Anteadote is unique in that the health benefits consumers seek are real,” he commented. “The product’s name was selected to underscore this point. And it tastes unlike anything else on the market today.”

Adagio Teas, 1500 Main Avenue, 4th Fl. North, Clifton, New Jersey 07011. E-mail: info@adagio.com, Web: www.adagio.com.

Magic in a Java Cup

After creating a little stir and some magic, with the Health Tea Wands, the Miami-based company, Wisdom Wands, is introducing the latest coffee accessory, the Java Wand. Much like the company’s Tea Wand, the Java is heat-proof and made of durable glass, with a little miniature French press tip that brews and filters hot coffee, tea, and other herbal infusions right in the cup. So go ahead, whip up that cup of coffee with a little charm.

Wisdom Wands, 651 NE 203 Lane, Miami, Florida 33179. Tel: (1)(305) 653-8833, E-mail: Nancy@wisdomwands.com, Web: www.wisdomwands.com.

Tea & Coffee - August/September, 2006


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