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Roasters Guild Announces Apprenticeship Program

The Roasters Guild announced the coffee industry’s first accreditation program for coffee roasters. A core principle of The Roasters Guild is to provide educational opportunities to coffee roasters, and present the craft and science of coffee roasting as a professional occupation.

The educational component of the program provides training and instruction on a broad range of coffee related topics. The accreditation component is a formal qualification program that recognizes coffee knowledge, industry-wide expertise, and confers credentials at the completion and mastery of the educational curriculum.

“We received a clear mandate from our membership that an individual accreditation program was what The Roasters Guild should focus on,” says Mike Ebert, chairman of The Roasters Guild. “We have identified a dynamic team of coffee professional to design a complete program, build alliances with industry experts, and create an infrastructure within The Roasters Guild to implement this program.”

The educational program will coordinate the collaborative efforts of The Roasters Guild and The SCAA and present a curriculum for coffee roasting, product testing, manufacturing, farming and processing, and other coffee related topics. These educational lessons will be presented at Roasters Guild events and at SCAA conferences in the form of seminars, lectures, workshops, and also self-directed home study. The course syllabus will be presented in graduating levels of challenge with a logical progression of basic classes as prerequisites for advanced topics.

The accreditation component is a multilevel program consisting of formal testing and qualification designations. Candidates actively pursuing an accreditation level will follow a specific course of study and evaluation. For information visit www.roastersguild.org.

Bellissimo Launches New Consulting Web Site

Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup, a company known for its video training materials, business manuals and consulting services, recently announced the launch of SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com, a new web site devoted to the company’s consulting division.

SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com explains Bellissimo’s consulting services and products for new start-ups, and a section called Corporate Consulting lists the Bellissimo’s services to businesses already operating in the specialty coffee arena.

“We developed SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com to showcase the consulting arm of Bellissimo,” said Bruce Milletto. “We wanted to clearly explain why Bellissimo is first and foremost a consulting company that supports itself with great products, most of which we develop and publish. SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com will allow us to better focus the main arm of our business.”

Oregon Chai Receives Award for Promoting the Young

The Seattle Regional Office of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) presented Oregon Chai with an award of recognition for a thoughtful ad campaign promoting young people as positive newsmakers. The award recognized Oregon Chai for a series of radio advertisements that were part of the company’s first consumer advertising campaign conducted last winter. The radio ads included several themes, each designed to bring a positive note and an uplifting break into the listeners’ days. The ACF specifically praised the ad that featured statistics about how much time teens devote to community.

The ad stated: Recently conducted research shows that a majority of American teenagers are actively concerned about the well being of their communities. More than 13-million teenagers across the U.S. donate time and effort each week to service: a participation rate of nearly 60%.

We hear a lot of things that generate pessimism. We thought this might help stir up some optimism. Oregon Chai -Satisfying the Thirst for Balance.

“We are very honored to have received this award,” said Cory Comstock, president and c.e.o. of Oregon Chai, “Part of our company mission is to value our community and customers and that includes promoting positive thoughts and ideas in all of our marketing efforts.”

Tea & Coffee - August/September, 2003

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