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R. Torre & Co./Torani
Laura Morse, communications manager
Telephone: (1)(800) 775-1925/(650) 875-1200
Web: www.torani.com
Number of flavors: 70+
Top flavors: Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Irish Cream
Newest or fastest-growing products: Strawberry Frusia, Mango Frusia, Raspberry Frusia and Caramel sauce
Most popular marketing idea: “Torani coined a new name for drinks made with our Caramel Syrup - the Torani Caramella. This allows operators to really get behind promoting the drink and variations on the drink in a way that is appealing to their customers and easy to understand. Operators can customize the Caramella with Torani syrups and other sauces which lets them offer something that is familiar to customers but with a unique twist.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “As awareness of flavoring syrups grows among consumers we have continued to expand our focus beyond the café channel - which remains our core - to restaurants and retail.” International growth trends: “We feel it is important for Torani to expand to meet the growing demands of consumers across the globe who equate Torani with specialty beverages. The awareness and demand for specialty beverages, coffee-related and otherwise, continues to grow outside of the U.S. and our expansion is in step with this trend.”
Routin America, Inc.
Jean Marc Gallerie, president/c.e.o.
Telephone: (1)(303) 300-0400
Web: www.1883.com
Number of flavors: 45
Top flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Raspberry, Amaretto
Newest or fastest-growing products: Tea, Frosted Mint, Pistachio, Violet syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Be creative - syrups can be used in a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, soda, cocktails, and beer as well as in a variety of culinary applications, such as a topping for ice cream, pancakes, waffles and yogurt.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “We are seeing much growth in coffee and restaurant chains as well as more retail accounts. Thanks to the coffee shops using flavored syrups for many years, consumers are realizing the potential of flavoring syrups at home.”
International growth trends: “The European market is the largest market for our parent company, based in France. We are currently experiencing growth in sales in the North American and Asian markets.”
Stasero International
Jerry Mayer, vice president sales & marketing
Telephone: (1)(888) 929-2378/(206) 328-0690
Web: www.stasero.com
Number of flavors: 63
Top flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Caramel, Raspberry
Newest or fastest-growing products: Chocolate Peanut Butter syrup
Most popular marketing idea: “Innovative packaging has allowed for product to be displayed on countertops for take-home sales. The availability of pour-spouts, table tents and posters to assist in consumer impulse buying has also proven effective.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “Today’s consumer is a more sophisticated shopper with specific taste preferences. “The coffee and tea industry has evolved to attract customers of all ages and we, as manufacturers, need to evolve at least as quickly in order to meet these demands. For example, you now see espresso stands in high schools. We have also seen local restaurants begin to offer higher quality espresso-based beverages.”
International growth trends: “The international market has seen great growth for our company over the past few years. In the ‘90s, roughly 5% of our business was international. Today, it has grown to be approximately 25% of our business. It is important to remember that, although unique in their preferences, international markets are not different in their level of sophistication.”
Stearns & Lehman, Inc.
Laura Martin, project manager
Telephone: (1)(800) 533-2722/(419) 522-2722
Web: www.stearns-lehman.com
Number of flavors: 46 Dolce; 23 DiNatura; 60+ Oscar’s; 49 Senza
Top flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Irish Cream, Amaretto
Newest or fastest-growing products: Oscar’s Montana Huckleberry, Almond Crunch, Toasted Marshmallow syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Inclusion of syrups in recipes other than coffee, for example, in our Palm Bay Club Real Fruit Smoothies, experimentation with flavor combinations and retail merchandising of the product all increase sales for the retail customer.”
Recent evolution of customer base: “We have accommodated growth in restaurants, coffee shops and gourmet/gift shop with the addition of ancillary items for retail customers.”
International growth trends: “Stearns & Lehman currently distributes product to more than 17 countries worldwide. One particular market in which we’ve experienced recent growth is Asia. Espresso-based beverages are becoming more popular, with hazelnut flavored syrup being a top request.”
Stirling Foods, Inc.
Mark Greiner, president
Telephone: (1)(800) 332-1714/(1)(425) 251-9293
Web: www.stirling.net
Number of flavors: 50+
Top flavors: French Vanilla, Crème Caramel, Rocky Mountain Hazelnut, Irish Cream, English Red Raspberry
Newest or fastest-growing products: Toasted Marshmallow, Georgia Peach, Classic Crème Brulée, Chocolate Thunder, White Lightning syrups
Most popular marketing idea: “Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal drink specials that highlight signature drinks as well as old favorites work well. Be sure to set up a small area on your counter or on the shelf to sell complimentary items, such as small bottles of syrup, and sample, sample, sample your specials and new flavors to get customers hooked!” Recent evolution of customer base: “Stirling’s customer base has always been high-quality coffee roasters and retailers, though we are seeing quite a bit of growth in high-end gourmet shops as well as restaurants, bars and upscale department stores and gift shops. The tea business is continuing to expand each year, both as a segment all its own and as an increasing portion of business for coffeehouses, gourmet retailers and restaurants with tea shops using syrups to expand the variety of beverages offered.”
International growth trends: “Stirling has seen recent growth in sales particularly in Norway and Greece, but also in countries throughout Asia and South America.”

Kate LaPoint is owner of To The Point Business Imaging, a company specializing in marketing, public relations, writing and editing for companies in the specialty coffee and tea industries. She can be reached at (1)(206) 418-9958 or katel@tothepointbi.com.

Tea & Coffee - August/September, 2002


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