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Change is Good
Clipper Teas recently introduced a complete change in design across all packaging in a significant brand strengthening exercise.

Now known only as “Clipper” in order to bring both their teas and coffees together under one brand. The company says that the new look is contemporary, discerning and ensures high impact on the tea and coffee shelves. Although the packaging is changing, the pricing and products remain exactly the same. Clipper is communicating the design change to consumers through “in-pack cards” included in existing packs.

“The Clipper brand has always been strong but we wanted a design across all of our products to demonstrate effectively what makes Clipper different and better in the market. We looked for a design to communicate our personality and the exceptional quality of our products, whilst bringing them together under one ‘Clipper Umbrella,’” says Lorraine Brehme, director and co-founder of Clipper.

Clipper, Beaminster Business Park, Broadwindsor Road, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3PR. Tel: (44) (0130) 88 863 344, Fax: (44) (0130) 863-847, E-mail: kate@clipper-teas.com, Web site: www.clipper-teas.com

Express Espresso
The French company UNIC, a manufacturer of coffee and beverage machines, recently unveiled Tango, a fully automatic espresso coffee machine. Having two infusions units that can be operated at the same time allows it to produce up to four beverages simultaneously, at a rate of 400 cups per hour. Tango’s two internal grinders grind fresh coffee prior to brewing. The machine then dispenses coffee and ejects used grounds from the two infusion chambers into a receptacle that is easily emptied. Electronically programmed, the unit controls every operation including coffee quantities, grind characteristic, freshness, temperature, degree of compression in the infusion chamber and volume of product dispensed.

Measuring just 24 inches long, 30 inches high and 23 inches deep, Tango produces up to 24 different coffee-based drinks such as espresso, regular coffee, café au lait, cappuccino, decaffeinated and latte. The unit also offers three thermostatic controls for optimum coffee bean extraction and a large built-in cup warmer platform.

UNIC was founded in 1919 and is a leader in the design and production of espresso equipment. Its machines are used in restaurants, hotels and other venues throughout the world.

UNIC, ZI 4 Rue, BP 425, 06515 Carros, France. Tel: (33) 4 92 08 62 60, Fax: (33) 4 93 29 24 34, E-mail: info@unic-sa.com, Web site: www.unic-sa.com.

One Stop Shop
Coffeeshopstuff.com has just completed the total turnkey design, buildout and total furnishing of Jitters Cafe a Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. licensee. Coffeeshopstuff provides all products and services one would need to open a retail coffee shop.

Coffeeshopstuff’s focus is on working with the independent coffee shop owners; however, they do work with some retail chains. Coffeeshopstuff has recently developed several pilot stores for Hastings Entertainment of Amarillo, Texas. Hastings owns and operates 158 record and bookstores. The project is a partnership between Coffeeshopstuff, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. and Hastings Entertainment goal is to offer the turnkey business package without the franchise fee’s or percentage of profit sharing that is traditionally what one can expect for a franchised system.

Coffeeshopstuff.com can provide independent coffee shop owner or chains the best pricing because of their volume purchasing power. Coffeeshopstuff.com builds the store fixtures and signage systems and outsources all other equipment and furnishings to be able to offer the complete system packaged from one vendor. Coffeeshopstuff.com offers only the finest products available to the coffee industry like, Bunn, Brasilia, Vita Mix, to name a few.

COFFEESHOPSTUFF.COM, 2410 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40206. Tel: (502) 721-7187, Fax: (502) 721-7189, E-mail: greg@ishopstuff.com, Web Site: www.coffeeshopstuff.com.

Tea & Coffee - August/September 2001

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