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National Coffee Association’s Anti-Terrorism Initiative

New York - The National Coffee Association (NCA) recently launched an initiative in support of the U.S. coffee industry’s participation in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program of the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBT). The NCA is the first industry association to undertake an initiative to support industry wide participation in the C-TPAT program through the launch of a proprietary internet-based supply chain security platform that will register foreign suppliers and their C-TPAT related security practices for industry members.

“The threat of terrorism has changed the stakes and the rules for American commerce,” said Robert F. Nelson, NCA president and CEO. He added, “The NCA C-TPAT program will help the industry partner with the government to enhance homeland security while easing potential burdens on commerce. NCA encourages all members of the supply chain to become part of this important initiative.”

The NCA has partnered with the Global Security Verification (GSV) cross sector industry initiative and Intertek to develop the industry’s shared information platform designed to facilitate importers’ and suppliers’ participation and compliance with C-TPAT requirements.

For more information, contact www.ncausa.org

April Coffee Exports Up 73%

Uganda - Uganda earned $31.8m from the export of 237,226 60-kg bags, according to the monthly report released by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority. This was 73% and 145% in volume and value respectively compared to that of April last year, the report said.

It attributed the improvement to good agronomic practices and more young trees coming into production. On cumulative basis, coffee exports from October to April totaled 1,839,654 bags valued at $212.9m. “This represents a 15.3% and 48.3% increase in volume and value respectively over the same period last year,” the report said.

Robusta coffee exports in the seven months totaled 1,559,690 bags, a 27% increment from the same period last year.

There was, however, a drop of 24.3% in the volume of Arabica shipped during this period from 369,911 bags in 2006/2007 to 279,964 bags.

“The good prices notwithstanding, the drop is largely attributed to the seasonal factors,” the report explained.

“Coffee exports in the past 12 months (May 2007 to April 2008), totaled 2,948,100 bags. They comprised 2,477,623 bags of Robusta and 470,487 bags of Arabica coffee. “This represents a rise of 30.5% in Robusta and a drop of 9.6% in Arabica compared with what was recorded a year ago,” the report added.

Exports for the 2007/2008 year are projected to hit a 3,000,000-bag-mark, an 11% increase over the previous year. The report disclosed that Arabica volumes had continued to increase from 36,430 bags in February 60,169 in April.

Tea & Coffee World Cup - Hyderabad, India UPDATE

Hyderabad - The next Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA will be held on November 20-22 at the HITEX Convention Center in Hyderabad, India. Not only is this an exhibition which will feature suppliers of equipment, machinery, supplies, services and international importers and exporters of raw product, the exhibition will also provide for all visitors a full two-day program of coffee and tea symposium sessions featuring seminars given by some of the industries leading professionals. A few topics of interest include: “Coffee Culture of Asia,” given by our very own Tea & Coffee Asia editor Heneage Mitchell and “What Makes a Good Tea Great? Adding Value to Origins” by Chayan Shah of Premier’s Tea. In addition to the symposium sessions, the exhibition will also provide visitors with some hands-on coffee and tea cupping classes. Coffee cupping classes will be presented by Sunalini Menon of CoffeeLab, in which she will be teaching an in-depth evaluation of Arabica coffee. Space is limited to 30 people maximum for a registration fee of $25 U.S. dollars.

The Golden Leaf India Awards (TGLIA), a joint initiative of Tea Board of India and United Planters’ Association of Southern India (UPASI) will unfold the hidden vistas of quality characteristics of South Indian teas. The TGLIA tasting session will showcase teas from different agro-climatic origins of Southern India, each originating from divergent climatic soil type and elevation and with a distinctive quality attribute and each bearing the tradition of a unique ecosystem. These teas, the aromatic Nilgiris, the fragrant High Ranges, the floral Anamallais, the brisk Wayanads, the full bodied Travancores and the balanced Karnataka will represent an interesting facet of the Southern Indian tea bouquet, catering to the needs of every tea connoisseur. This class will be provided to visitors for free on a first come first serve basis.

For more information on all of our interesting symposium sessions and hands-on classes, please visit our dedicated website for updated information and registration at www.tcworldcup.com/hyderabad.

Finally, to all interested visitors of Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA, please be aware that hotel reservations are booking fast. Concurrent with the Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA exhibition is a huge medical conference in Hyderabad. Hotel rooms around Hyderabad will be in high demand and may be in short supply if you do not make your reservations early. The 4-star Novotel Hyderabad is the only hotel within walking distance of the HITEX Exhibition Center. We strongly advise you to make your reservations at the Novotel now if you want the convenience of proximity. Novotel Hyderabad still has rooms availabile at reasonable rates through www.accorhotels-asia.com. For more hotel options and additional travel needs and accommodations, please visit our website at http://www.tcworldcup.com/hyderabad/hotelframe.htm.

We strongly advise each visitor to check with their country’s Indian Embassy to see if visas are required for entry into India. Invitation letters will be provided to all pre-registered/registered visitor(s) by contacting Emily Mak at e.mak@lockwoodpublications.com or by fax: +1(212) 827-0945.

Tea & Coffee - July, 2008

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