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Caffeine: Valuable & Profitable

Have you looked in your local store’s cosmetic department lately? Have you noticed caffeine listed as an ingredient in those glowing creams available to help beautify the masses? You probably haven’t observed them because the ingredient is usually not listed. We recently researched just where does all of tea and coffee’s caffeine go and we found out that the cosmetic, beverage and pharmeceutical industries are the largest purchasers of caffeine. With North Americans clamering for more healthy beverage options, the coffee and tea industry seem to be introducing more non-caffeinated and decaffeinated products. Serena Norr talks with the decaffeinators and reports on the actual process and trends in including caffeine in everyday products (page 18). Gaining more popularity among college and high school kids are the caffeine-enhanced beverages, and the beverage industry needs their caffeine supply. One decaf processor tells us natural caffeine is expensive and it is being artificially produced (not that that’s a bad thing) but demand is high….perhaps one day one might see tea and coffee bushes grown for that particular extraction process.

Caffeine, flavors, and nutrient additives are being added to tea and coffee beverages. Jeff Nichols, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties, counts down the ‘Top Ten’ things to remember when offering flavored coffees in a retail environment (See page 42). He tells retailers to remember decaf coffee is a likely choice for late day consumption and that they should include top selling flavors in a decaf form.

The Brand Coaches invited Travis Miller to take over this month’s column and share his powerful branding tips - so important in this recession (See page 46).

Supermarket shelves are full of tea and coffee beverage options, specialty tea products are rising, and we should all enjoy enjoy the benevolent health media attention our tea and coffee industries have been receiving.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Modern Process Equipment

Tea & Coffee - July, 2008

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