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Nothing makes me happier than to see my people on TV – the coffee and tea people. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Peter Goggi of Lipton (Unilever) speak about tea on various cable television shows, David Morris of Dillanos Coffee teaching TV chef Giada de Laurentis how to design and pour a latte and SCAA/CQI Ted Lingle and assorted specialty coffee industry members talk on coffee’s wonders. Today, I had the pleasure of standing in 86° weather to watch Dunkin’ Donuts’ cups run through New York City giving out iced coffee drinks as well as interviewing daytime television host and best-selling cookbook author, Rachel Ray pay homage to the ‘heroes’ that keep America running.

Dunkin’ had signed Rachel Ray to be their spokesperson several months ago. A vivacious lady, Ray has not only penned a number of cookbooks, she is the host of several cooking-based shows and has her own consumer magazine. Rachel Ray couldn’t have been more gracious when she received associate editor, Serenna Norr and myself. Rachel Ray told us that she has been brought up on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee since she was a little girl, prefers coffee black or with a little milk. Her affection for the Dunkin’ product is apparent unlike a few celebrities who endorse products they are not overly familiar with.

Back in the 80’s, there was a generic coffee campaign, which featured popular rock stars drinking coffee. One of the possible spokesperson being considered was a Rolling Stone. The agency had to turn him down because the singer didn’t drink coffee. Personally I was so disappointed; surely a Rolling Stone could save the then decline in coffee consumption…just make that luscious lipped singer imbibe a few cups. But it didn’t happen and then thankfully, Howard Schultz came in to save the day.

The publicity generated by today’s event should surely pay back the Dunkin’ investment in Rachel Ray as consumer newspapers and entertainment news shows jostled their way in front of me. I kept telling them “Hey, #1 trade magazine here” but they chose to ignore me. Oh well!

Dunkin’ and Rachel Ray announced their new “Serving Heroes” program, an ongoing program in which customers across the U.S. can nominate the hero who serves their community, especially in times of crisis. Each month one hero will have their story prominently featured on the website and awarded a year’s worth of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This publicity is priceless!

One thing we’ve learned here at Lockwood Publications through our consumer magazine, Smoke, is that if you have a celebrity, the press will come and free press is invaluable.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - July, 2007

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