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Bite into a Biscottini

Kenny B’s Biscottini is a small Italian cookie with a soft, crumbly texture. Created centuries ago in a small village in eastern Sicily, Nina Cantanzaro stumbled upon the cookie in her kitchen by mistake, naming her creation Biscottini. Her discovery has been passed down for generations and is still hand-baked in small batches at Kenny B’s Cookie Company. Biscottini is perfect for people who like the less-sweet taste of biscotti but not its hardness.

Kenny B’s Biscottini come in six flavors: Orange-Fudge and Vanilla-Fudge, and the low-fat Almond, Amaretto, Anise and Lemon. All six flavors of Kenny B’s Biscottini are low in calories, cholesterol, and sodium, making them an appealing dessert for health-conscious families.

The whole family will enjoy this treat with milk or coffee beverages. Those of Italian descent agree the taste and texture of Kenny B’s Biscottini remind them of the cookies their grandmothers baked, states the company.

Kenny B’s Cookie Company, 206 State Avenue South, P.O. Box 37, New Germany, Minnesota 55367. Tel: (1)(952) 353-2533, Fax: (1)(952) 353-8066, E-mail: , Web site: www.biscottinicookies.com.

Adorable Animal Chocolate Lollies

Madelaine Chocolates’ fun foiled chocolate lollypops will delight kids of all ages. Decorated with wacky zoo animals, including frogs, hippos, giraffes, monkeys, dalmatians and elephants on gold, green, blue, red, pink and purple foil, these lollies are 3/8 of an ounce of delectable solid milk chocolate. Featured in counter top displays with 60 pieces in each (shipped 6 displays per carton), these lollies are an everyday treat that are also terrific for party favors or balloon holders.

Madelaine Chocolate Novelties has been producing foiled chocolate novelties for over half a century. This year, an extensive line of panned products -- chocolate and candy coated nuts, fruits and specialty centers -- has been added to the company’s product mix. All Madelaine products are certified Kosher Dairy by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis.

Madelaine Chocolate, 96-03 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Beach, New York 11693. Phone: (1)(718) 945-1500, Fax: (1)(718) 318-4607, E-mail: service@madelainechocolate.com. Web site: www.madelainechocolate.com.

Mrs. Little’s Cookie Brittle

Mrs. Little’s Cookie Brittle is a deliciously crisp, buttery, brittle-like cookie. This wafer-shaped cookie melts into a rich and creamy buttery flavor in your mouth. It looks like a cookie, it crunches like a cookie, but has the deep, rich flavor of candy.

Mrs. Little’s Cookie Brittle is all natural. Only real bittersweet chocolate, real butter and real ginger is used. It comes in three flavors: Butter Rich, Chocolate Dream and Sweet Ginger. They are all packaged in colorful 6-oz. tote boxes.

A family recipe from well over 30 years ago, Mrs. Little’s Cookie Brittle is manufactured by Zazi Baking Company Inc..

Zazi Baking Company Inc., 1360 Industrial Ave. #G Petaluma, California 94952. Tel: (1)(707) 778-6399, Fax: (1)(707) 778-6991, E-mail: sales@splendidobiscotti.com, Web site: www.splendidobiscotti.com.

Chocolate Truffles Go Low-Carb

Seattle Chocolates, makers of chocolate truffles, introduces Skinny Truffles, a new line of low-carbohydrate truffles with a European chocolate taste profile.

Skinny Truffles offer carb-conscious chocolate-lovers a low net-carb option in gourmet chocolate - each truffle contains only 0.3 to 0.5 grams of net effective carbohydrates (depending on truffle flavor).

“With 40 percent of consumers watching their carbohydrate intake, the market is ready for a gourmet chocolate that is also low in net carbs,” said c.e.o. Jean Thompson. “Skinny is not just another low-carbohydrate chocolate, it is high-quality European chocolate specially formulated to have little impact on sugar levels.”

Available in three flavors - milk chocolate with almond, dark chocolate with espresso, and milk chocolate with mint - individually twist wrapped Skinny Truffles will be packaged in a 3.5-ounce, re-sealable bag. Skinny Truffles are also available in a two-piece individually-wrapped package.

Founded in 1992, family-owned Seattle Chocolates specializes in the production of individually wrapped melt-away chocolate truffles and truffle bars using all-natural kosher chocolate from Europe. Seattle Chocolates crafts each product by blending dark and milk chocolates to achieve the best flavor profile.

Seattle Chocolate Company, 8620 16th Ave S., Seattle, Washington 98108. Tel: (1)(206) 624-8989, Fax: (1)(206) 624-0216, E-mail: information@seattlechocolate.com, Web site: www.seattlechocolate.com.

Share a Couple Cake with Your Sweetie

The Sweetery, a retailer of baked goods, has introduced Couple Cakes and Tea Breads. Each is the perfect size for two people to share with coffee or tea. They are ideal for today’s consumer, who might not want to give up sweets, but also doesn’t want to overindulge by purchasing full-sized cakes and breads.

Couple cakes, like all of The Sweetery’s offerings, are made using on the finest fresh ingredients such as real butter and whole milk, and no preservatives They are based on traditional Southern reipes and come in four delicious flavors: cinnamon pecan, chocolate truffle, butter pecan, and sugar-free pound cake. The Tea Breads line features zucchini, strawberry, sweet potato and Banana Fruit - a sugar-free delight made specially for diabetics.

“Couple Cakes and Tea Breads make perfect gifts to celebrate a special occasion. They are well-suited for a housewarming present, a ‘pick-me-up’ during exam week, or a bit of cheer for a sick friend. They’re perfect with coffee or tea, and are small enough to enjoy by yourself or to share with a couple of friends,” says Jane Jarahain, owner of The Sweetery. “They are also appropriate for business to give to clients and employees,” she added.

The Sweetery ships its goods throughout the U.S. Each item is hand-wrapped and boxed for maximum freshness. The Sweetery make over 100 kinds of cakes, pies, cookies, breads, bars and more!

The Sweetery, 1814 East Greenville St., Anderson, South Carolina 29621. Tel: (1)(864) 224-8394, Fax: (1)(864) 224-8469, E-mail: jane@thesweetery.com, Web site: www.thesweetery.com.

Fine Candy on Your Counter

Amy’s Candy Kitchen’s Belgian Chocolate has introduced their custom-blended Belgian chocolate in a bite-size form of 11g squares.The Chocolates are dispensed from a handmade old-world copper dispenser, perfect on the counter of coffee shops.

Since the chocolates are mainly an impulse purchase, and when placed next to register, the forecast for profitability is high.

Maghan Coking, director of business development said, “No one is making a product like this. Not only is the chocolate pure and considered one of the best in the world, but the dispenser is elegant and hand-built. Our customers have been very pleased with their sales.”

Amy’s Candy Kitchen, P.O. Box 498, Cedarsburg, Wisconsin 53012. Tel: (1)(262) 376-0884, Fax: (1)(262) 376-0885, E-mail: info@amyskitchen.com, Web site: www.amyscandykitchen.com.

Tea & Coffee - July/August, 2004

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