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Improved Bulk Concentrate Box
Oregon Chai is announcing a package improvement to its 1.5 gallon box of the Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. While the 1.5 gallon volume and the product remain the same inside, the outside box is sturdier and reinforced, making it easier for foodservice operators to use. The new box size better fits the height of refrigerator shelves and makes the concentrate easier to store.

The new 1.5 gallon box is bright and highly visible, featuring the Oregon Chai logo with the purple and yellow background. The new box also features Oregon Chai menu ideas and new product announcements to help operators attract new customers and increase sales. Oregon Chai, Inc. is a subsidiary of Kerry Group plc.

Oregon Chai, Inc., 1745 NW Marshall Street, Portland, OR 97209. Tel: (503) 221-2424, Website: www.oregonchai.com.

When Smaller Is Better
Carpigiani-USA is introducing the latest addition to the company’s Batch Freezer lineup. the new LB-202 G is a 10 quart Batch Freezer that features technology that allows for increased production flexibility.

“Versatility is the key element that distinguishes our latest masterpiece. Our patented technology means that whatever amount of product you choose to make, its consistency will always be perfectly maintained. The perfection of the consistency of finished product is one of the LB-202 G’s outstanding features, whether you are making gelato, ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, or anything in between. The LB-202 G does it all, and very efficiently,” said Stefano Bortolotti, director of technical development for Carpigiani-USA.

Carpigiani is a leader in production of batch freezers, with a global market share of 70%. It offers a wide variety of hands-on frozen dessert courses in the United States, through its Frozen Dessert University.

Carpigiani-USA, P.O. Box 4069 Winston-Salem, NC 27115. Tel: (800) 648-4389, Website: www.carpigiani-usa.com.

Pick and Pass Conveyer
FKI Logistex Automation Division is introducing Accupass, the new pick-and-pass transfer conveyor that provides excellent package control within a fully designed, pre-engineered modular system.

Accupass is developed for the demands of traditional pick-and-pass transfer layouts. Its modular design minimizes field installation time compared to traditional pick-and-pass transfer technologies and enables it to be built in a variety of configurations without requiring additional specialized engineering. Fully-compatible with the entire line of FKI Logistex conveyors, Accupass would most commonly be used with FKI Logistex Accuzone or Accuglide conveyor systems in pick-and-pass operations.

FKI Logistex Automation Division is a designer and supplier of material handling systems for distribution center operations.

FKI Logistex, 1500 Lebanon Road, Danville, KY 40422. Tel: (877) 935-4564, E-mail info@fkilogistex.com, Website: fkilogistex.com.

Sonoco’s Self Heating Containers
Global packaging company Sonoco has signed an agreement with OnTech, LLC, to manufacture and assemble self-heating plastic containers. The containers will be used for packaging coffee and teas.

This is the first time self-heating plastic container technology has been available for consumer product applications in North America. The contents of the package can be heated to 145° F within minutes at the press of a button.

Says OnTech c.e.o. Jonathan Weisz, “We are extremely pleased to have such a strong partner as Sonoco on board as we commercialize this exciting new technology. Interest has been extremely high among companies that want to capitalize on the ‘on-the-go’ eating habits of today’s consumers. It was critical that we have a partner that complemented us from both a technology and manufacturing perspective,” he said.

OnTech currently has three contracts with national consumer products companies for more than 20 million units. The first product is expected to launch in fourth quarter 2004, with the second following soon after.

Sullivan says the partnership with OnTech is a natural fit for both companies. “Sonoco is a packaging solutions company that is very much technology-driven. With OnTech, we are able to leverage our expertise in materials science, food processing and manufacturing to give OnTech the momentum needed to bring this technology to market and satisfy the growing demand for convenient, ready to eat foods and beverages.”

Headquartered in San Diego, OnTech is a California Limited Liability Company, which has 102 approved utility patent claims on its disposable, self-heating beverage container in the U.S. covering all aspects of the technology.

Sonoco, 1 North Second Street, Hartsville, S.C. 29550 USA. Tel: (843) 383-7794, Website: www.sonoco.com.

Tea & Coffee - July/August, 2004


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