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Sweet treats add flair to any menu. There are a variety of options to satisfy any sweet tooth. Cookies, biscotti, and chocolates dress up any cup of coffee or tea.
Black Forest Chocolates

Family owned and operated, Black Forest Chocolates is based in California’s Historic Gold Country (Arnold, California). This manufacturer of gourmet chocolates is getting their “flavor” out to the public by providing the retailer with tasting samples when they add a new member of the product family to their display. “Our tasting program helps educate the consumer on the varying textures, flavors and aromas of our product,” says president/ceo Simon Granville. “We produce a line that uses only the finest white, semi-sweet, and milk chocolates, cocoa powders and yogurt creams to coat freshly roasted nuts, quality dried fruits, candy centers and rich roasted espresso beans. Our philosophy is to produce only the very best using the best ingredients.” At a recent tasting, held at a retail grocery store, consumers responded with increased sales of both the products being tasted and across the product family.”

Black Forest Chocolates, PO Box 901, Arnold, California 95223, Tel: 1-(209) 795-9282, Fax: 1- (209) 795-9284, Email: info@blackforestchocolates.com. Web site: www.blackforestchocolates.com

Sambazon Açaí

Sambazon Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) is an all-natural fruit blend from Amazon palmberries and tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate. Juice and Coffee bars across the country are discovering the incredible smoothies and lattes that can be made with Sambazon Açaí. Rich in antioxidants (more than blueberries) and essential omegas, it’s best known for it’s all-natural and amazing energy boost.

Sambazon Açaí, P.O. Box 3295, New Port Beach, California 92659, Tel: (1)(949) 574-0800, Fax: (1)(949) 574-0095, Web-site: www.sambazon.com.

Innovative Cookies

Innovative Cookies, Inc. creates quality gourmet cookies perfect for coffee shops, food service, caterers, and specialty gift and grocery stores. Current products include Croccante Gourmet Cookies, Breakfast Gem Cookies and Bars and Signature Biscotti Cookies. Available in bulk, individually wrapped or in luxury gift boxes. Kosher certified.

Innovative Cookies, Inc., PO Box 3497, Renton, WA. 98056, Tel: (800) 410-4377, Fax: (800) 240-9548, Email: sales@innovativecookies.com, Web-site: www.innovativecookies.com.

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont introduces creamy, milk caramel and dark raspberry truffles packaged in glimmering, polka-dotted foil. Both flavors sell quickly when combined with a compact, metal countertop display unit. Birnn Chocolates has been supplying wholesale gourmet chocolates since 1915-choose from a variety of 100 truffle flavors and sizes.

Birrn Chocolates of Vermont, 102 Kimball Ave., Ste. #4, South Burlington, VT 05403, Tel: (802) 860 -1047, Fax: (802) 860 -1256.

Compliments DBA/ After Coffee Mints

After Coffee Mints is a new line of breath fresheners featuring a revolutionary 25-cent suggested retail price and unique resealable packs. Target markets include coffee shops, specialty retailers, pizza shops, restaurants, delis, diners, and the office coffee service market. Available in 20-and 100-count boxes. Private label for larger chains.

Compliments DBA/ After Coffee Mints, 1616 Walnut St., Ste.1912, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Tel: (215) 732-2400, Fax: (215) 732-4040, E-mail: ronsolovitz@aol.com, Web-site: www.complimints.com.

DeBas Chocolatier

Specializes in gourmet chocolate targeted for coffee industry. Chocolate-covered espresso beans, mocha beans and Mochadots, a unique mocha disc.

DeBas Chocolatier, 5877 E. Brown Ave., Fresno, CA 93727, Tel: (1)(800) 332-2701, Fax: (1)(559) 348-2289, E-mail: chocolate@debas.com. Web-site: www.debas.com.

Lollipop, Lollipop

Complement your coffees with Linda’s Lollies. An irresistible impulse item with great profit margins, Linda’s 50 true-to-taste flavors include luscious favorites like Irish Crème and Coffee Liqueur and wonderful dessert flavors like Key Lime Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake. And, new from “Down Under,” Linda’s Lollie Rock. Handmade in Australia, this extraordinarily delicious and elegantly packaged hard candy comes in 10 flavors including chocolate mud, café latte and orange vodka.

Linda’s Lollies Co., Inc, 307 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10016, Tel: (800) 347-1545, Fax: 212-447-1350, E-mail: info@lindaslollies.com, Web-site: www.lindaslollies.com.

Lenny & Larry

Lenny & Larry feature products that have no preservatives and are all natural, reduced-fat, calcium fortified, hi-protein, hi-fiber, vegan and kosher. Their products include Danish, Power Muffins, Complete Cookies, Power Pops, Muffins, Scones, Cinnamon Rolls, Brownies, Cakes and Mints. All products are baked fresh to order and shipped from their Southern California Bakery.

Their banana chocolate chip scone is their signature scone. They also offer a peach cranberry scone.

Their reduced fat brownies contain half the fat calories of regular brownies and taste great. The brownies come with or without chocolate chips and nuts on top.

Lenny & Larry, 8809 - 11 Amigo Ave., Northridge, CA 91324, Tel: (1)(800) (536-6952), Fax: (1)(818)727.0460, E-mail: info@lennylarry.com, Web site: www.lennylarry.com.

Allotti Biscotti

Alotti Biscotti is a specialty cookie and biscotti company. They are located in Duluth, Minnesota. All of their products are made by hand, from scratch. They are able to sell in small quantities, to ensure product freshness. All bags contain nine of the finest handmade and handcut biscotti 5” long. Packages are sold in cases of 12, you may mix flavors within a case if you prefer.

Alotti Biscotti, 394 Lake Ave. South #408, Duluth MN 55802, Tel: (218) 726-105 ,Fax: 715-395-9978, E-mail: alottibis@aol.com, Web site: www.alottibiscotti.com.

Montione’s Biscotti

Taste is why customers love our original Italian family biscotti recipe. Twelve delicious flavors are easy-to-bite yet crunchy to dip. Varieties include traditional almond and hazelnut plus lavish chocolate covered, fruited and lowfat varieties. No preservatives, all-natural, kosher, split cases. “Best of Boston” award winner.

Montione’s Biscotti, 253 Mansfield Ave., Box N, Norton, MA 02766, Tel: (1)(800) 559-1010, Fax: (1)(508) 285-7173, E-mail: mmbiscotti@aol.com, Web-site: www.montionesbiscotti.com.

Sugart (U.S.A.) Ltd.

Sugart designer sugar packets combine the European “stick” form of sugar packets with the beauty and elegance of fine art. The result is sensational new granulated sugar packets, cleverly named “Sugart”! Say goodbye to dull, unattractive sugar packets and start turning heads with these colorful design collections.

Sugart (U.S.A.) Ltd.. 2 Neptune Rd., Ste. 219, Boston, MA 02128, Tel: (1)(617) 889-5553, Fax: (1)(617) 889-6464.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lake Champlain Chocolates (LCC), a gourmet Vermont chocolate maker, has introduced the Small World Chocolates line including Truffles, Chocolates, and Sensations. Appealing to the growing number of chocolate connoisseurs in America, the new line focuses on select-origin, high-cocoa-content chocolates and exotic flavors from around the world. Made in small batches from the finest all-natural ingredients, Lake Champlain Chocolates are carefully crafted by chocolatiers who are fanatical about creating chocolates with the honest individuality, charm, quality, and freshness which are synonymous with the spirit of Vermont.

“Today’s chocolate customer expects more - not only do they want more dark chocolates, they want to know the cocoa content and what part of the world the beans come from,” explained Jim Lampman, president “Small World Chocolates answer all these questions, and maintain our other chocolate-making traditions - all natural, artisanal, Kosher.”

Lake Champlain Chocolates, 750 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont, 05401 Fax: (1)(802).864-1806, E-mail: info@lakechamplainchocolates.com, Web site: www.lakechamplainchocolates.com.

Tea & Coffee - July/August, 2003


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