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APTI and STAR Merge

The American Premium Tea Institute (APTI) and Specialty Tea Registry (STAR) have recently combined their operations, but some issues remained to be resolved. Executives from both organizations met recently to resolve all questions concerning the merger. The meeting was held in conjunction with the SCAA Conference and the 5th Annual Tea Symposium.

Highlights of that meeting include the following:

  • The Committee agreed on a new name, the “Specialty Tea Institute.”
  • A new Mission Statement was drafted.
  • All member inquiries should now be directed to the NYC office of the Tea Association of the U.S.A., Inc. Tel: (212) 986-0250, Fax: (212) 697-8658, E-mail: jhstea@teausa.org
  • All major educational programs initiated by APTI & STAR will be continued, with a goal to also conduct more regional programs and to supply members with turnkey programs.
  • The Specialty Tea Institute will expand the scope of its operations to include programs designed to increase consumer and media awareness of specialty tea.
  • A single dues structure will be created and all members will be equitably eased into a calendar year basis.
  • Nominations from both APTI and STAR will be solicited for individuals to serve on an Advisory Board.
  • Immediate steps will be taken to dissolve APTI and to transfer all remaining inventory and assets to the Specialty Tea Institute.
  • Founding and Charter Members of both organizations will be eligible to retain their status in the new organization.
“We are excited about the opportunity these changes have created to allow the Specialty Tea Institute to become an even stronger advocate for specialty tea in America and the world,” states the Institute.

Torrefazione Unveils Debit Card

Torrefazione Italia Coffee announced the national introduction of the Carta Dell’s Espresso Card, a stored value card used. The card is being offered at 18 Torrefazione Italia Coffee cafés in the U.S., including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Palo Alto, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and via the internet at www.titalia.com.

The Carta Dell’s Espresso Card is a credit card-sized plastic card that carries a pre-paid balance with as little as $3, and as much as $500. Whether purchasing an espresso or fresh roasted coffee beans, the card can be used in place of cash or credit cards. As the balance gets low, additional funds can be reloaded on the Torrefazione Italia Coffee card.

For a limited time, customers will receive a free 12-oz bag of whole bean coffee each time they load $40 onto the card.

“The Cart Dell’s Espresso prepaid card is an added convenience we are offering our guests,” said Mario Gelmini, director of cafe operations of Torrefazione Italia. “Instead of looking for change they can simply present the card, which is not only more convenient, but speeds up the transaction.”

Torrefazione's new card may also be used as a gift certificate, thank-you present or a business incentive award. The value of the card can be determined by the gift giver, rather than having to comply with traditional gift certificates set at predetermined prices.

Torrefazione's products are served in a collection of fine restaurants, resorts, hotels and gourmet grocers. Torrefazione is part of the Seattle Coffee Company, a subsidiary of AFC Enterprises.

Capricorn Coffee Rolls Out Compost Program

Capricorn Coffees has expanded their commitment to sustainability by implementing a compost program. Following a successful two-month test run of composting warehouse/plant waste, Capricorn began a compost program in their retail store. With the assistance of Capricorn’s retail customers and dedication of staff, the company expects to reduce their garbage waste by 2/3 from three yards per week to one yard.

“Composting is a natural extension of our commitment to sustainability,” says Andi C. Trindle Walker, Capricorn’s coffee trainer and customer service manager. “Along with offering Fair Trade Certified coffees to guarantee growers a minimum price per pound, and supporting Coffee Kids, which sends money directly to coffee growers for crop and life improvement projects, composting serves our goal to achieve right livelihood by contributing to the longevity of our industry and our world.” Capricorn will continue develop and support programs and policies that contribute to the greater global community and invites suggestions and comments.

For more information about implementing a compost program in your area, contact your local waste management company. Local San Francisco businesses can contact Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Company at (415) 626-4000 or Sunset Savenger at (415) 330-8219.

Capricorn roasts daily at their roasting plant/retail store in San Francisco and distributes their coffees to cafes, restaurants, businesses, specialty grocery stores and direct to consumers in the Bay Area and nationally. Visit www.capricorncoffees.com for more information.

Tea & Coffee - July/August, 2002


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