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Spotlight Feature: Coffee
14 Logistics Success: Packaging Choices and Planning Strategy
By Sum-Sum Chan
In the gourmet world of coffee and tea, packaging is an essential component to differentiating your product on the shelf. It helps manufacturers communicate the quality and aroma of the product to their customers.

Spotlight Feature: Tea
20 Water’s Role in Great Beverages
By Greg Fisher
Water - it’s everywhere: in the oceans, in the puddles, coming out of the skies as rain and snow. It comes out of our taps and plays a very important role in our beverages. But what is water?

24 The New Point of Lavazza
By Jonathan Bell

30 In Sri Lanka, Tea Exporters Hopeful with 26-Year Old Civil War Finally Over
By Larry Luxner

34 Creating the Perfect Filling & Sealing System for Nestle’s “Dolce Gusto” Range
By Axel Foerster

38 17th Santos Seminar Review
By Harry C. Jones

40 The Brand Coaches: Starbucks Births a Bold Green Future
By Lon L. LaFlamme & David J. Morris

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