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This month’s showcase will focus on this year’s World Tea Expo, which is where some of the best in the industry gathered - once again - to showcase their best products and features.

Nothing Lazy About This Blend

The Lazy Days Tea Company has much to boast about these days, due to their commitment to Fair Trade; the company is not only attributing to saving the world, but preserving the taste of tea in the process. “We are extremely enthusiastic about offering a complete line of Fair Trade Certified tea,” explained the c.e.o. and founder, AJ Taylor-Vanderpool. Vanderpool developed the company to stir up the traditional notions of the beverage, since it was a favorite of hers. “As a long time tea drinker, I felt that something was missing from the market. A tea blend that had it all!” With the company delivering five, spirited flavors -- “Cup-O-Jane,” “High-5,” “Go Man Go,” “Shhh” and “BFF” -- it seems like she has completed her assignment. However, AJ has plans for more, there are two more flavors gearing up for release.

Lazy Days Tea Company, P.O. Box 464, Flossmoor, Illinois 60422. Tel: (1)(708) 503-4659, Fax: (1)(708) 503-4716, E-mail: info@lazydaystea.com, Web: www.lazydaystea.com.

Ito En: Sweetens the Supply

Joining Ito En’s ready-to-drink, Sri Lankan black teas’, Tea Apple and Tea Lemon flavors, are the fruity and full-bodied flavors of Mango, Peach, Raspberry, and Blueberry. “We are traditionally known for our unsweetened teas and are thrilled that the success we have had with Tea Apple and Tea Lemon really demonstrates our knowledge, experience and expertise in creating a product that is not sugary sweet, and offers a more gentle, softer quality,” said Rona Tison, vice president of Corporate Relations. Authentically brewed, using premium whole, loose tea leaves, the beverages are all-natural and perfected with a touch of fruit infusion.

Ito En, Inc. - North America, 45 Main Street, Suite 3A, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Tel: (1)(718) 250-4000, Fax: (1)(718) 246-1325, E-mail: comments@itoen.com, Web: www.itoen.com.

Lindsay’s Teas: Tea Never Felt So Good

If drinking tea is beneficial, applying it to the body doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Lindsay’s Teas doesn’t seem to think so either, with their latest tea-based beauty line. The company has transformed their most exceptional tea blends into an effortless, luxurious spa treatment. The Mademoiselle BathTea and Eyes So Flirty are great for those on the go, or of course, during tea time. The BathTea contains fragrances from ylang ylang and rose petals, to China green tea. It also includes a refillable organza bag and scoop for filling. Eyes So Flirty is a batch of sachets with jasmine-scented green tea, making it the perfect morning-after therapy.

Lindsay’s Teas, 380 Swift, Suite 13, South San Francisco, California 94080. Tel: (1)(650) 952-5446, Fax: (1)(650) 871-4845, Web: www.lindsaysteas.com.

Intensitea: Heightening the Taste of Tea

If there’s one thing companies prefer to have for their product, is quality distinction from the competition. Exclusive to Gebrueder Wollenhaupt, the Intensitea allows for customers to receive that with their latest flavor additon, and many other benefits, including the possibility for developing intense taste profile, regardless of the tea base or infused time. The solid flavor and blending technology used gives the same, exact taste strength for each cup, and yields a product with an approximately two-year shelf life. Therefore, you receive a tastier and improved product of your choice, for a longer period of time.

The Intensitea is currently available for distribution, and is already gaining quite the reputation in Europe, which according to the company is an initial success.

Gebrueder Wollenhaupt GmbH, Gutenbergstr. 33-35, D-21465 Reinbek, Germany. Tel: (49) 4072-8300, E-mail: info@wollenhaupt.com, Web: www.wollenhaupt.com.

SunSplash Iced Tea: Refreshment At Its Best

There’s nothing sweeter than having a champion in the showcase lineup, and as the winner of three awards at the 2005 World Tea Expo (Most Creative, Best Herbal, and Best Presentation), this definitely one quenching piece. Barnes & Watson Fine Teas introduces SunSplash, which is the company’s latest iced tea, with a delicious mixture of herb and spices. Considered one of the first of it kind, the beverage combines the healthy benefits of tea, with other - more complex - ingredients, such as yerba mate, cinnamon, ginger, and citrus. SunSplah is available in an invigorating, antioxidant-filled line-up of blends: white, green, oolong, and black tea.

Barnes & Watson Fine Teas, 270 South Hanford Street, Suite 211, Seattle, Washington 98134. Tel: (1)( 206) 625-9435, Fax: (1)(206) 625-0345, E-mail: tea@barnesandwatson.com, Web: www.barnesandwatson.com.

Teabags: Steeping in the Fine Arts

Who would have known that recycled tea bags could have so many uses and applications? A group of women from South Africa discovered one innovative method of utilizing those old teabags - in art. Original T-Bag Designs, a group that originates from Cape Town, South Africa, collects used teabags. After they dry them in the sun and empty out the leaves they then iron and paint them with different designs and colors. Although most don’t have formal schooling or a stable home, they possess much imagination and the desire to improve their families’ lives. Many of these women have gone on to build better homes, which tends to be many of their objectives when beginning this profession.

Original T-Bag Designs, Tel: (1)(856) 769-7829, E-mail: jthompson@originaltbagdesigns.com, Web: www.originaltbagdesigns.com.

Tea & Coffee - June/July, 2006

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