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The Pleasures of Cappuccino
... Without the Barista


As coffeeshops proliferate in cities and towns around the world, the average person has had more exposure to specialty coffees than ever before. And the ever-popular cappuccino is now even more widely-loved by a population that sees coffee more as a treat than just a morning pick-me-up. So naturally the time-consuming process in a coffee shop is being automated for patrons who just don’t have the time for the relaxing café experience. So, with a press of a button, self-serve cappuccino machines brew that small pleasure that more and more of us are seeking in our daily lives. And the machine manufacturers are becoming more saavy to the increasingly sophisticated palates of cappuccino-drinkers. So where else can we get our cappuccino when we are not in the vicinity (or not able to afford the prices) of a gourmet coffee shop? C-stores, college campuses, quick-serve restaurants, in offices, and even coffee carts and some coffee shops, are using these machines to cut down on customer wait time, trained labor costs, and increase profitability. Here are a couple of the newest revelations in the self-serve cappuccino segment. Visit www.acorto.com for more information.

Acorto - A Barista in a machine
Acorto is a manufacturer of super automatic commercial espresso machines. The Seattle-area company introduced the market’s first fully automatic espresso machine in 1990.

ACORTO’s new 2500i commercial espresso machine, freshly brewed self-serve espresso drinks are readily available at the touch of a button. Designed for corporate and healthcare foodservice operations, colleges and supermarkets, the Acorto 2500i is a complete self-serve espresso station that makes genuine espresso beverages.Everything needed to make a coffee house quality espresso drink is designed into this 24” wide machine. The built-in refrigerator holds 2, US one-gallon milk containers, and the two hoppers hold over 4 pounds of fresh whole espresso beans of your choice. The hoppers are even tinted to protect beans from light exposure keeping them extra fresh At the press of a button the Acorto makes lattes, cappuccinos, black coffee, espresso, and steamed milk for cocoa or hot water for tea. It can also be set up with an optional vending unit - accepting bills, coins credit or debit cards.

“We have incorporated hundreds of design advancements as well as the suggestions from many of our global customers to make the 2500i the easiest to use and operate. Extensive testing, rigorous quality control and expert technicians insure a machine that will be productive and profitable for many, many years with very little downtime,” said David Isett, president of Acorto.

Cecilware - Dispensing Made Easy
Cecilware has been manufacturing beverage and foodservice equipment since 1911. The company was one of the first companies to manufacture cappuccino.

Cecilware manufactures 47 different models of cappuccino dispensers. Many of their machines have 1-8 dispensing heads and most are also available with an additional, optional hot water dispenser head. The company also manufactures 6 and 8 head models with large, rear-lit, merchandising displays, new compact models, for locations with extremely limited space and low volume requirements, pour-over models for locations with no water hook-up available, vending Models for coin operation and much more.

The machines work by whipping together powdered cappuccino mix with hot water and dispensing it into a cup. Many other powdered mixes will work in this equipment including new products such as powdered, flavored, steamed milk mixes; chai tea mix; Horchatta mix and even soluble coffee.

“The machines have grown to tremendous popularity in convenience stores and enjoy significant penetration in this channel,” says David Sank, vice president, marketing. “C-stores are now installing bigger and more capable equipment as they have seen double-digit growth in this category over the past several years. To satisfy the needs of their customers, c-stores have begun installing more 5, 6, and 8 head cappuccino dispensers.” Their newest cappuccino machines have a 6 or 8 flavor dispenser which can incorporate cappuccino flavors such as Hazelnut, Raspberry Mocha and French Vanilla. He says he has also begun to see many other chain foodservice establishments install cappuccino dispensers. Visit www.cecilware.com for more information.

Mixing without a Machine
Cappuccino mixes are becoming more and more popular, with the definition of cappuccino extending past just coffee and milk flavor with perhaps some cinnamon or chocolate sprinkled on top, but a delectable coffee-flavored treat anyway. For instance, Mont Blanc Cappuccino flavors combine the taste of coffee and steamed milk along wth French Vanilla Cappuccino, Dark Chocolate Mocha and White Chocolate Mocha. Even Maxwell House and Folgers both have an instant flavored cappuccino line.

Caffe D’Vita was founded in 1974, soon after introducing the award-winning Caffe D’Vita Mocha Cappuccino, which soon gained notoriety in restaurants throughout Southern California. Now Caffe D’Vita Mocha Cappuccino is available in supermarkets and grocery stores as well as many foodservice operations across America. Mocha Cappuccino remains their number one flavor. However, there are a total of eleven flavors available. In keeping with these health-conscious times, Caffe D’Vita has recently introduced their first Sugar Free Cappuccinos. Their Sugar Free Mocha Cappuccino and Sugar Free French Vanilla Cappuccino are both sweetened with Splenda.

Iced coffee is consumed mostly by 18- to 24-year-olds, more than twice any other age group, according to the National Coffee Association’s 2001 drinking trends survey, so iced cappuccinos market is growing to meet this demand. Mont Blanc’s Chill-A-Ccino Smoothies, easily made with ice in a blender, are available in Vanilla, Mocha, and Fudge Delight are 100% lactose free, and 99% non-dairy. Visit www.caffedvita.com for more information.

Syrups are also the latest way to make an cappuccino while reducing time and mess. Oscar’s Syrups has an Iced Cappuccino syrup available in 740ml and 375ml bottles with which cappuccinos can be prepared quickly and easily. It is mixed with milk or a dairy substitue for a creamy, refreshing beverage, and can be served either hot or cold. Visit www.stearns-lehman.com for more information.

Tea & Coffee - June/July, 2003
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