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SCAE’s New President
The annual general meeting of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) elected Trygve Klingenberg, CEO of specialty importer and roaster Solberg & Hansen AS in Oslo, Norway as the new president for the term 2002/2003.

Klingenberg has some 30 years experience from the specialty coffee business. He was one of the co-founders of SCAE and the first European member of SCAA (1986).

He is to succeed Mick Wheeler of UK who retires after his term in office.

Vinko Sandalj of Sandalj Trading, Trieste, Italy was nominated as new vice president of SCAE.

SCAE currently has approximately 400 members from more than 50 nations.

David Michael Adds Staff
David Michael & Co. will be increasing their sales force with the addition of two new associate account managers to their Sales Training Account Management Program (STAMP).

Eric Lederer has transferred from the sensory department to the sales department as an associate account manager. Bryce Godsey has joined David Michael as an associate account manager.

STAMP, an intensive 12 to 16 month training program, covers all aspects of the food and beverage industry. The program also provides a thorough orientation of the David Michael organization, including its business philosophy and industry mission, commitment to quality, and the full range of customer service procedures that lead to on-going client satisfaction.

Family-owned and operated since 1896, David Michael and Co. has been a leader in the food flavor industry for more than one hundred years. David Michael offers a comprehensive line of stabilizers and flavors, which can be custom-designed to meet the needs of virtually any food product.

Honest Tea’s Board Members
Honest Tea today announced the nomination of two new directors to its board: Gary Hirshberg, president & CEO of Stonyfield Farm, the nation’s leading brand of organic and natural yogurt, and Tim Tenney, president & CEO of Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley, an independent Pepsi bottler and distributor.

“This is huge,” exclaimed Seth Goldman, president & TeaEO of Honest Tea. “By adding the expertise of a founding father of the natural foods industry at the same time that we bring on a heavyweight from the beverage industry, we’re establishing our platform for growth as a natural and organic foods company ready to penetrate mainstream channels.”

Gary Hirshberg joined Stonyfield Farm within months of its founding in 1983 and has led the company through its 19 year rise to the top spot in the natural foods industry.

“Honest Tea not only meets consumers’ needs for delicious and real tea, but they understand the importance of offering the consumer values that are sought out by today’s consumers - values that we have been promoting for nearly two decades,” added Hirshberg.

Tim Tenney is the second-generation owner of Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley and Pepsi Cola of Bristol. “The shift to organic products is an exciting new development in the refreshment business. By increasing its distribution network, Honest Tea is stepping up to be a leader in a field with tremendous volume potential,” Tenney said.

Hirshberg and Tenney, who are also investors in the company, join Goldman and Nalebuff on the board, along with Jeff Swartz, president & CEO of Timberland and Robin Prever, former CEO of Saratoga Beverage Group.

Tea & Coffee - June/July, 2002

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