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Pack Your Suitcase and Get Your Travel Mug Ready

Traveling from trade show to conference, from country of origin to country of consumption, I am able to see first-hand the global appreciation for tea and coffee. While markets, tastes and preferences may vary, the international trend of “drink lots,” is as widespread as sand in the Sahara.

I have found it quite the challenge for the international Tea & Coffee Trade Journal to accommodate all of the international sectors within the two fields. Every country has their unique stories, each culture its coffee or tea traditions…and to cover them all editorially is one of the most important ways to service the industry. A coffee roaster in Italy should find relevance in what’s happening in the Latin American coffee market. A tea packer in China should not underestimate the significance behind the UK’s surge in at-home tea brewing.

In this issue, we cross oceans, span continents and circle the globe to bring to you worldwide coverage of tea and coffee. Philippe Juglar tackles the issue of truth in labeling with his article “A Denomination of Origin for Coffee: Will it Help?” on page 18. From Jamaica to Ethiopia, the struggle for coffee clarity and credibility is ongoing.

We explore the constantly evolving phenomenon of soluble coffee. Our specialties editor, Donald Schoenholt, supplies the history behind the product and its evolution from poor quality convenience coffee to a surprisingly tasty, mainstream (Starbucks’ new VIA line) item. Delving a little deeper into the soluble coffee cup, Dr. Terry Mabbett dissects the phenomenon of single origin selections, taking us from Brazil to Colombia, Costa Rica to Africa and Asia. And if you aren’t jetlagged enough, our European director, Jonathan Bell, brings us to France to examine the tendencies of French coffee consumers and their surprising diversity and evolving tastes.

The teabag machines, spanning from the U.S. to Japan, continue to improve in quality, efficiency and affordability. As Wendy Komancheck explores in her article “What’s New in the Teabag Machine Industry?” on page 42, tea packers from Sri Lanka (see Luxner’s article on Mackwoods Ltd., page 60) to Argentina can depend on machinery manufacturers for the latest in technology, service and innovation.

If globetrotting through this month’s issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal doesn’t satisfy your desire for travel, then surely our Tea & Coffee World Cup/EUROPE will. Held June 7-9 in Seville, Spain, the World Cup Exhibition and Symposium will be a balanced combination of education, entertainment and exciting business opportunities. Whether you’re exhibiting or attending, be sure not miss the Andalucian Barista Championship, the tea and coffee cuppings, our extensive symposium schedule and an exhibition filled with companies from all sectors of the tea and coffee industries. Come to catch up with old friends, check out what’s new and explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. See you in Seville!

Alexis Rubinstein


Tea & Coffee - May, 2009

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