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Miko 7% Up
Miko, the Euronext-listed coffee service and plastic packaging specialist, achieved a turnover of EUR 73.31 million in 2003, an increase of 7% compared to the previous year. When assuming constant Euro exchange rates, an increase of more than 9% was achieved.

The Miko group concentrates on two core activities: coffee service and plastic processing. The coffee service activities accounted for 61% of the group’s sales, while 39% was generated by the group’s plastic packaging operations.

The turnover of plastic packaging activities increased by almost 24%. According to Frans Michielsen, chairman of the executive board, “the plastics division has had an exceptionally strong year.”

Miko, Steenweg op Mol, 177, B-2300 Turnhout. Tel: 32 (0) 14-46 27 70, Web site: www.miko.be.

A Primo Cappuccino
Wilbur Curtis Co., Inc. located in Montebello, California, is introducing its G3 Concept Series Primo Cappuccino machine.

The Primo Cappuccino features the G3 ADS Digital Control Module, which provides precise control over all critical blending and dispensing functions. The scroll-through precision programming enables the operator to adjust powder flow in 5% increments and water temperature from 170 to 190° to create a beverage with a desirable temperature. The fixed flow water system also ensures precise drink blending regardless of irregularities in water pressure/volume.

An easy access front open door that features inside a hinged panel makes removal of powder hoppers for refills and maintenance simpler.

The unit comes in three different models, and are offered with three, four or five dispensing heads.

Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc., 6913 Acco St., Montebello, CA. 90640. Tel: (1)(800) 421-6150, Web site: www.wilburcurtis.com.

Vitex Adds Stand-Up Pouches
Vitex Packaging Group has added a new line of stand-up pouches with a reclosable zipper, which are designed specifically for loose leaf tea.

The pouches are constructed for providing a barrier to moisture and oxygen, and come in two standard sizes (5.5” wide by 8” and 6.5” by 11.5”) and three standard colors (black, silver, gold). They are designed to be a less costly alternative to specialty printed pouches for small and medium sized tea houses.

Vitex Packaging Group, 1137 Progress Road, Suffolk, Virginia, 23434. Tel: (757) 538-3115, Fax: (757) 538-3120, Web site: www.vitexpackaging.com.

Rovema’s Redesign
Rovema Packaging Machines is launching its redesigned intermittent motion vertical bagger. The machine achieves a reduction of up to 25% in the cost of its motion machine for the production of pillow style packages.

“I guess you could call it the Volksbagger; a bagger with the latest technology, yet affordable to everybody’s pocket,” said Klaus Kraemer, president of Rovema North America.. The Rovema Intermittent Motion can reach speeds of up to 120 bags per minutes. Rovema has over 30,000 installations worldwide.

Rovema Packaging Machines, 650 Hurricane Shoals Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30045, Tel: (770) 513-9604, Fax: (770) 513-0814, Web site: www.rovema.com.

Tea & Coffee - May/June, 2004


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