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A trailblazing trip to origin took place recently. Karen Cerebros of Elan Organics and Kimberly Easson of JavaVentures took a group solely comprised of women to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The major focus of the journey was on organic and fair trade issues in small cooperatives with a majority of female membership. The women who voyaged to the coffee lands ranged from micro-roasters, green coffee buyers from large corporations, importers, and barista trainers, to government aid workers.

One of these women was Karen Gordon of Coffee Holding, a specialty coffee importer. She kept a diary of her journey, and when I read it, it touched me…we asked to share her story with all our readers (see page 15). In it, Karen relates the effort and energy these female coffee farmers put into the success of their coffees and cooperatives.

This group saw first hand what fair trade can do for these hardworking people. It helps contribute to the improvement of their land, homes, and the education of their children. Together, they made a financial contribution to further this area’s commitment to coffee. It is stories like these that should help our retail readers realize the value and pride of coffee’s origins.

Okay, I’m going to make this easy on myself and just slit my wrists now. In this issue we are reviewing various sample roasters. We list the pros and cons of each…so there’s good stuff and not-so-good stuff here. So before I hear complaints from the industry…let me state my case.

A good journal must inform its readers. Of the 13,000 readers our magazine goes to, many roast their own coffee or wish to roast their own coffee. Roasting technology is complicated. Whose technology do you use and where do you start? Where can one turn to for accurate information? We want it to be us. And so, in this issue we publish an interesting review by coffee expert Kevin Sinnott, who has laboriously poured over roasting manuals, and intends to educate those industry members that are considering purchasing these useful machines. (see page 31)

Sometimes sample roasters have been referred to as toys - but these “toys” are useful diagnostic tools, as we can see from the article. Kevin will be continuing on with this topic as a series, graduating to larger sample roasters and so on and so on. Meanwhile, there’s some serious fun to be had trying out beans using these units…and Kevin is enjoying every minute.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - May/June, 2003

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