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Welcome to Vienna

As this is our Tea & Coffee World Cup issue, I felt it appropriate for this month’s editorial to cover our exhibition and symposium.

Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna was the first exhibition I had the honor of working on from start to finish as Editor in Chief. I remember back to eight months ago when I would think to myself, “how much work could this truly be?” Now, I laugh at how foolish and naive I once was. Putting on a show of this size, and of this caliber is nothing short of exhausting. Language barriers, time differences and international holidays only add to the frustration and seemingly endless list of challenges. However, the amount of effort put in is well worth it for a successful event. As I have said many times before, for such widely consumed products, the tea and coffee communities are actually quite small, making it even more important for companies to attend shows like the Tea & Coffee World Cup. With all of today’s technology, the importance of actual presence is sometimes underestimated. In Vienna, as you watch old friends reconnect, business deals being solidified with a handshake, business cards being exchanged, its hard to deny the impact of personal interaction.

I would like to personally thank all of the companies who have helped us make the Tea & Coffee World Cup into what it is today, and to help us evolve and continue to improve in the future. Your participation strengthens the tea and coffee industries as a whole, as we come together for the sole purpose of bettering the economical environment for all links in the chain: from seed (or leaf) to cup. For the vast array of companies and individuals participating in our panel presentations, special events, workshops and tastings, my appreciation is endless. Together, we are helping inform the industry, spread the education and enhance the knowledge. Enlightening just one person alone makes all the hard work and long hours worthwhile.

As the exhibition and symposiums in Vienna come to a close, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal looks ahead to our next big venture: Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore, which will be taking place March 21-23, 2011. For companies in any sector, of any size and from any location will benefit from the exposure to the Asian trade. Meet new potential clients from halfway around the globe, find your niche in an upcoming and quickly growing market and gain exposure to information on an area your competitors are still trying to break into. Tea & Coffee World Cup Singapore can help you get ahead of the curve.

Alexis Rubinstein


Tea & Coffee - April, 2010

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