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To New Beginnings

So, this is me... taking the reins.

With my new undertaking as Editor-in-Chief, I find myself reminiscent of the days when coffee was merely my caffeine fix and tea was my wellness in a cup. I knew nothing of origin subtleties (or not so subtleties), industrial advancements or packaging trends. I had no insight into the labor and love that goes into the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of the product. And while I’m continually amazed at the improvement in quality, the increase in knowledge and developments of ideas to help coffee and tea become sustainable, lucrative industries, I am most impressed with the people. The people at origin who live and breathe their crop, the people who feed strength to the organizations and associations that unite us as an industry and the people whom I work with on a daily basis, who strive to deliver informative and enthralling articles for our readers.

It is an exciting time to be taking on such an important role. As the tea and coffee industries enter further into the virtual age, communication is at its strongest, international relationships are at their closest and the markets are at their broadest. My inbox is flooded with newsletters from around the world on a daily basis, bloggers constantly update their pages; information is at my fingertips almost instantaneously. You can follow your friend the coffee roaster or your buddy the teapacker on Twitter (even me at TeaandCoffeeTJ)! You can now virtually flip through the pages of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal with our Digital Edition. You can order that single estate Darjeeling tea with a few clicks of your blackberry. But with all the hiding behind computers and PDA’s these days, there is still no substitute for personal, old school face time. We should continue to attend the exhibitions, conventions and retreats. Shake some hands, meet the newcomers, exchange ideas.

So here is to the future of the tea and coffee trades - adapting and evolving, from ceremonial to cultural to current. And to every individual who strives to do something different and beyond the average expectations. To every company who successfully passes along the education and knowledge to the next link in the chain. Regardless of the size of your factory, the value of your brand or the quantity of your clients, each of us contributes to the overall success of the industry and helps to determine the future of tea and coffee.

While I am Jane McCabe’s successor, the thought of replacing her is just too daunting. I find the task of filling her shoes almost impossible. So, instead, I aim to carry on her dedication and love for an industry that has brought her nothing but good friends, good fortune and good fun. And as a new era of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal approaches I hope that you welcome it, and me, with open arms and open minds. As always, you’re feedback and input will be warmly welcomed and I am excited to hear from you!

Until next time,

Alexis Rubinstein


Tea & Coffee - April, 2009

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