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Spotlight Feature: Coffee
22 Tailoring Your Roast to Your Bean
By Phil Beattie

26 The Challenge of Grinding Coffee for Pods and Capsules
By Daniel Ephraim

Spotlight Feature: Tea
30 You Mean Tea Doesn’t Come from Teabags?
By Alexis Rubinstein

34 Being the “Nice Guy” in Business
By David L. Schoenholt

38 Coffee: Second to Oil?
By Mark Pendergrast

42 Jaliya Wickramasuriya: From Tea Taster to Ambassador
By Larry Luxner

48 Organic Tea Makes Inroads in Sri Lanka
By Larry Luxner

52 10 Steps to Sustainability
By Tensie Whelan

56 The Science of Tasting
By Joseph Rivera

62 Surviving in These Economic Times
By Neal Robinson

66 POS Systems: Cut Costs by Spending More
By Lon LaFlamme

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