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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

TeaZazz Hybrid Soft Drink

TeaZazz offers a line of sparkling tea beverages in four flavors: Original, Green Tea Lemon, Peach and Green Tea Mint.

“Many soda drinkers struggle to find a healthy alternative that can satisfy the taste requirements provided by their favorite soft drink,” said TeaZazz co-founder Delicia Soliman. “Today’s ready-to-drink tea options range from overly- sweetened national brands to organic options lacking in flavor, and diet soft drinks loaded with saccharin or aspartame, artificial flavors and preservatives are not exactly the picture of health. TeaZazz offers a healthy new way to drink tea, that is also a carbonated replacement for high sugar content soft drinks, with only 20-25 calories per serving.”

TeaZazz, invented in 2006 by Tamara Saretsky and Delicia Soliman is a combination of tea and sparkling soda. TeaZazz delivers the health benefits associated with the antioxidants in tea, and taste that does not rely on the high fructose corn syrup found in soft drinks.

TeaZazz, 28298 Constellation Rd., Valencia, California 91355, Tel: +1 (888) 832-9299, E-mail: info@drinkteazazz.com, Web: drinkteazazz.com.

New Tea Pyramids from Whole Leaf Organics

Choice Organic Teas recently launched Whole Leaf Organics, a collection of organic, Fair Trade certified tea pyramids. The eco-friendly packed, biodegradable tea pyramids will be available in May.

The line includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Estate Blend Darjeeling, Jade Green, Jasmine Green, Chamomile Citrus, Sweet Liquorice Mint and Lychee. The 100% recycled box

features a unique cover with a die-cut pyramid window, offering a peek at the tea garden-inspired painting commissioned by Seattle artist Maija Fiebig.

A brand of Granum, Inc. of Seattle, Choice Organic Teas made its debut in 1989. Choice Organic Teas has promoted the growth and development of organic agriculture in tea estates worldwide and offers more than 70 varieties of teas and herbal infusions available in teabags and loose leaf. In 2000, Choice Organic Teas became the first tea crafter in the U.S. to offer Fair Trade Certified tea.

Choice Organic Teas, Granum, Inc., 2414 SW Andover Street, Building C-100, Seattle, Washington 98106, Tel: +1(206) 525-0051, Fax: +1(206) 523-9750, E-mail: choice@granum-inc.com, Web: www.choiceorganicteas.com.

Health Tea Wand

Wisdom Wands recently introduced the Health Tea Wand and the Java and Health Tea Wands.

The Health Tea Wand is a heatproof, durable glass straw that filters tea leaves and herbal infusions directly in the cup through strainer holes. The company states, the Wand provides a convenient way to brew a vast array of possibilities by combining various herbs to create your own private tea ritual.

Packaged in a transparent carry case with a compartment to transport loose tea, the Wand is also dishwasher safe.

Wisdom Wands were developed by Nancy Raimondo, a professional success coach and entrepreneur, and Andre Ranz, a mechanical design engineer.

Wisdom Wands, 651 NE 203 Lane, Miami, Florida 33179, Tel: +1(305) 494-9304, Web: www.wisdomwands.com, E-mail: nancy@wisdomwands.com, Web: andres@wisdomwands.com.

Teas’ Tea Two-Liter Oolong

Ito En will expand its two-liter offerings of Teas’ Tea to include its Golden Oolong variety. “The expansion of our two liter varieties truly reflects the growing demand for high-quality tea in the U.S. as it becomes more of a mainstream beverage,” said Rona Tison, senior vice president of corporate relations.

Teas’ Tea two liter bottles are also available in Green Jasmine, Green White and Pure Green varieties.

Ito En, 822 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10021, Tel: +1(212) 988-7111, Fax: +1(212) 570-4500, E-mail: customerservice@itoen.com,
Web: www.itoen.com.

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