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Spectrum Purchases Canada’s Eland Logistics

Spectrum Supply Chain Solutions Inc. finalized its purchase of Eland Logistics in its bid to further expand services into new areas of supply chain management. The new Spectrum subsidiary and supply chain manager of green coffee beans will now be known as Spectrum Eland Logistics. Founder Doug Eland returns as managing director signaling his approval of this bold new direction.

Spectrum, known for storing, handling and distributing consumer products, has grown steadily over the last several years but sought a new direction to expand. Eland Logistics, with its impressive market share and solid reputation, surfaced as the ideal addition to broaden Spectrum’s already impressive repertoire of supply chain solutions.

Gord Crowther, Spectrum’s president, says, “It’s going to be great working with Spectrum Eland Logistics and I’m pleased Doug has rejoined the team. 2004 was a great year for Spectrum but our expectations are that 2005 will be a banner year for us.”

Spectrum Supply Chain Solutions Inc. offers a Canada-wide network of facilities including three locations in Mississauga and its head office in Brampton. Spectrum offers a wide range of storage and distribution services on top of freight consolidation, and cross docking services. Spectrum uses state-of-the-art technology to ship consumer goods to distributors, wholesalers and retailers anywhere in the country.

Spectrum Eland Logistics is a supply chain management company involved in the distribution, maintenance and storage of goods. The company began in 1988 as a freight broker of green coffee beans -- a core service to this day.

Information: Spectrum Eland Logistics, Gord Crowther, Tel: (1)(905) 454-1717 ext. 237, E-mail: gord.crowther@spectrumscm.ca; Doug Eland, Tel: (1)(905) 456-4128, E-mail: doug.eland@spectrumscm.ca.

NCA’s Fall Educational Conference Review

The National Coffee Association (NCA) held an array of interesting classes at its annual fall educational conference, held in Brooklyn, New York this past October 27-29, 2004. The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge was the location of the event.

The conference, which attracted companies looking to increase productivity, profits and staff performance, featured three tracks: marketing, success and sustainability and unleashing coffee’s potential. Some of the standout classes included topics such as consumer trends in espresso and coffee consumption. In this class, the growth of gourmet coffee shops and espresso was discussed. Statistics such as where the most coffee machines are purchased (the Pacific Northwest and the South) were presented, as were statistics on the coffee consumption habits of different age groups, from teenage up. Also mentioned was how coffee consumers all over the country prefer to drink their coffee (i.e. with bagels, or as instant?) and what areas of the country prefer to brew their own coffee.

In the “Unleashing Coffee’s Potential” track, coffee arbitration was discussed. This was useful for lawyers and non-lawyers alike, as the class learned everything from the details of shelf life testing to coffee engineering details. Attendees on this track also were able to attend a coffee cupping session at the New York Board of Trade, where they learned the intricacies of cupping.

The Success with Sustainability track began with a question: “What does sustainability mean?” The attendees found the answer wasn’t so simple, and that everyone has their own idea of the concept, depending on their perspective. The conversation stimulated lively discussion and debate throughout the conference.

Then a general overview of sustainability issues was presented, detailing sustainability markets, trends, growth and its importance in the U.S. and around the world. Information on internet coffee auctions and certification programs were presented by: Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), Rainforest Alliance, Transfair, Utz Kapeh, and Cup of Excellence.

Roel Vaessen of the European Coffee Federation spoke about the European 4C program and its steps towards more sustainably grown coffee.

The conference was altogether yet another informative conference where coffee professionals from all sectors came from around the country, and the globe, to share ideas and information.

The “Value-Infused Marketing” track reviewed the various trends in espresso drinks in retail, home and foodservice setting as well as an informative look at the evolution of the single cup coffee market. An invigorating look at coffee trends to watch was presented by roaster, David Dallis, brewer manufacturer, Randy Pope, roaster-retailer, Linda Smithers, and marketing consultant, Suzanne Brown.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Opens in Kuwait

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Los Angeles-based specialty coffee and tea retailer, opened its first shop in Kuwait, bringing the total number of countries in which the company does business to 12. The store is expected to be the first of seven opened in this country over the next two years. The space measures 200-sq. m.

“Given the fact that coffee culture emanated from this part of the world, it makes perfect sense for us to have a presence in Kuwait,” said Abddulghani Al-Ghunaim, chairman and c.e.o. of the Al-Ghunamim Company, the franchise partner for the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Founded in 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf currently has more than 270 stores.

NYBOT Revises Coffee “C” Discount Schedule and Grading Standards

Effective with the March 2007 Coffee “C”® futures contract, the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) is implementing amendments to its coffee rules.

The amendments add a new standard for coffee deliverable under the “C” contract, which requires the coffee to be “free from all unwashed flavors”. The amendments also add to the schedule of imperfections used in grading exchange coffees, a new provision that “ten (10) bored beans” shall be counted as one (1) full imperfection.

Additionally, the amendments revise the schedule of origin differentials by providing that the discount for Burundi coffee shall be 100 points under par, instead of 300 points under par.

Enhanced SAFARI Service for Safmarine

Safmarine has enhanced their Safari service between Asia and Southern Africa with a revised schedule and port rotation.

Additional capacity will be deployed in order to cater for customer requirements and focus on schedule reliability. The service upgrade will offer a direct weekly service using fully cellular container vessels. The service will be operated jointly by Safmarine and Maersk Sealand.

The new rotation will be as follows: Shanghai-Yantian-Hong, Kong-Tanjung, Pelepas-Port Louis- Port Elizabeth-Durban-Port Louis-Tanjung, and Pelepas-Kaohsiung-Shanghai.

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