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Goodness Gracie, these cookies are great!

Goodness Gracie Gourmet makes crispy, crunchy decadent, delicious Heavenly Toffee Cookies. A delightful and daringly different treat, you may ask yourself, are these a cookie or a candy? You decide! But beware - once you open a bag and take the first bite, you won’t stop until you have finished them all.

Goodness Gracie Sinful Salted Pecans are also an extra special treat, They make a great gift on their own in their attractive tins, or pair them with a tin of Heavenly Toffee Cookies for a fabulous presentation.

In 1995, caterer Sallie Price was preparing a picnic celebration for a client and realized at the last minute she had forgotten the dessert. She looked to see what ingredients she had available and prepared her mother’s toffee cookie recipe. The guests went crazy and encouraged her to package her cookies during the holidays to give as gifts. In 2000, Sallie’s husband Carter joined her in the business and they now produce Goodness Gracie Gourmet foods year round for the world to enjoy. Goodness Gracie Gourmet foods are still produced in small batches by hand.

Goodness Gracie Inc., P.O. Box 7701, Wilmington N.C. 28406. Tel: (1)(910) 792-0800, Fax: (1)(910) 815-0202, E-mail: gracie@goodnessgracie.com, Web site: www.goodnessgracie.com

Madelaine’s Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate and coffee lovers alike will adore Madelaine’s new Coffee Truffle Cups. These rich milk chocolate cups are filled with a dark espresso coffee truffle center. Delivered in three clear acetate tubs with 40 pieces in each tub.

Madelaine’s Hazelnut Truffles are available uncovered or "gift wrapped" in two-tone gold foil. By blending Peter's layered dark chocolate, and milk chocolate with pure hazelnut paste from Italy, we have created a chocolate confection that is pure utterly delectable. Some people call these Figaro's.

Coffee lovers will truly appreciate Madelaine’s chocolate covered coffee beans. Milk chocolate lovers may prefer Cappuccino Coffee Beans with its rich coffee bean center covered in ultra-rich, creamy milk chocolate. Dark chocolate lovers may choose Madelaine’s Espresso Coffee Beans, with its coffee bean center covered in ultra-rich dark chocolate. They are sold in bulk, delivered in a 10-lb. case. Milk or dark,

Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc., 96-03 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693. Tel: (1)(718) 945-1500, Fax: (1)(718) 318-4807, E-mail: jsweeting@madelainechocolate.com.

Hawaii Roaster’s Covers Kona Coffee ...with Chocolate

Hawaii Roasters, supplier of 100% Kona and 100% Hawaiian coffees offers chocolate-covered Kona coffee beans, a great afternoon pick-me-up! 100% Kona peaberry is enrobed in small batches of semi-sweet & milk Guittard chocolates. The smoothness that Kona is known for is a perfect complement to the chocolate. The are packaged in an attractive and fun mini burlap-sack.

100% Kona & 100% Hawaiian coffees are world-renowned and are the only coffees grown in the U.S. The perfect combination of volcanic soil, temperature and rainfall make the growing conditions in Hawaii so unique.

Hawaii Roasters LLC is owned and operated by a third-generation coffee family, originally from Zimbabwe, and is a coffee wholesaler and importer. Hawaii Roasted provides products to the retail, restaurant and wholesale markets worldwide.

Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee was named "New & Innovative Product" at SIAL Paris 2002.

Hawaii Roasters LLC, 772-1165 Ho’Opai Rd., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740. Tel: (1)(808) 325-9611, Fax: (1)(808) 325-1904, E-mail: info@hawaiiroasters.com, Web site: hawaiiroasters.com.

Fetch Your Dog a Petpuccino

What makes PetPuccino Gourmet Pet Treats so distinctive is that they look healthy and smell great. Each individual treat comes packed with nutrients. It's like giving your pet a shot of vitamins and minerals in every bite!

PetPuccino Gourmet Pet Treats are no processed foods, artificial additives, preservatives, added salt or sugar in PetPuccino products. Only 100% wholesome and natural ingredients are used. The ingredients are purchased from the same food distributors where families do their own shopping. The food is prepared and then packaged in a standard paper coffee cup. The cup is sealed for freshness and then topped with a coffee cup lid. PetPuccino can be stored at room temperature up to six months.

The Treats are good enough for their owners to eat! Ingredients include: Bread crumbs, ground beef, eggs, spinach, broccoli, carrots, yams, liver, garlic, flax seed.

PetPuccino, LLC, P.O. Box 40353, Bellevue, WA 98015. Tel: (1)(425) 646-9621, E-mail: lynette@petpuccino.com, Web site: www.petpuccino.com.

The Coffee Lover’s Chocolate

The San Francisco Chocolate Factory has introduced The Coffee Lover’s Chocolates - large milk chocolate drops packaged in three tins, each tin containing drops with different cocoa and milk combinations: 30%, 32%, and 38% cocoa content."One of the firm’s popular products is our Wine Lover’s chocolate Collection, which pairs six dark chocolates with red wine varietals," said president Michael Litton. "We thought the concept would translate nicely to a milk chocolate and coffee pairing as well. The Coffee Lover’s milk chocolate drops are not too sweet, have a buttery, slight caramel flavor."

The Coffee Lover’s Chocolate Collection is packaged in copper colored signature tins, with a stylized imprint of a cocoa bean farmer. The gift package, contains each of the 3 cocoa-milk formulations. The Coffee Lover’s chocolates can also be purchased in single tins, containing drops with a cocoa content of 30%.

The San Francisco Chocolate Factory, (1)(415) 677-9194, Web site: www.sfchocolate.com.

More Sumptuous Scharffen Berger Chocolate Unveiled

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker has introduced four new products to its line of chocolate: sweetened natural cocoa powder and three varieties of chocolate covered confections: ginger, cacao nibs and coffee beans.

Scharffen Berger sweetened natural cocoa powder makes delicious hot cocoa and chocolate milk. Like the rest of its products sweetened natural cocoa powder is made from hand selected well-fermented cacao beans from tropical regions around the equator. What you taste is the smooth flavor of rich, dark chocolate, pure cane sugar and nothing more.

Scharffen Berger chocolate covered ginger is a combination of Australian crystallized ginger pieces coated with Unsweetened Chocolate. These two flavors combine to give a confection of surprising harmony.

Scharffen Berger chocolate-covered cacao nibs combines the very essence of the finest, well-fermented cacao beans and 62% Semisweet Chocolate, creating a crunchy sweet snack or wonderful topping for ice cream.

Scharffen Berger chocolate covered coffee beans combine the richness of Peet’s roasted Sumatran coffee beans with 62% Semisweet Chocolate.

Scharffen Berger has opened a Café Cacao at the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker factory in Berkeley. The café is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week serving delicious desserts made from Scharffen Berger Chocolate and an array of savory treats. The addition of the café to the factory tours and store make a trip to Berkeley a must for all chocolate lovers. For further information see the café website www.cafecacao.biz.

John Scharffenberger and Robert Steinberg started the company with one simple goal: to make the finest chocolate possible using traditional methods and the most flavorful natural ingredients. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker has grown from its first core product - the signature dark 70% cacao bittersweet - to now offer a host of products that bring to the consumer the best of the world of cacao.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, 914 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, CA. Tel: (1)(510) 981-4050, Fax: (1)(510) 981-4050, E-mail: beantobar@scharffenberger.com, Web site: www.scharffenberger.com.

Tea & Coffee - April/May, 2004


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