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Tea & Coffee Unveils Cup Service

About 15 years ago, I was on one of the SCAA’s field trips to Jamaica. Visiting the plantations, seeing coffee grow, and meeting the people who proudly cultivated it, brought invaluable insight into what goes into my coffee cup. On that trip, there were a number of roasters and retail shop owners. I was amazed when each of the retailers told me that they subscribed to Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. They told me it was because they wanted to know everything about coffee and tea - from information on origin countries to roasting and packing to retailing. And so, with them in mind, we tried to produce an editorial mix that catered to their basic educational needs while also keeping the commercial roaster appraised of all industry developments.

With the specialty coffee movement gaining momentum in recent years, we found the retail shop segment of our circulation numbers increasing to over 7,000. The numbers were staggering and gratifying. We watched as retailers’ profits shifted… bean sales were important, but the real money was in brewing and flavoring coffee and offering a variety of espresso-based beverage options. Gone were the basic choices of regular coffee, straight espresso, and cappuccino of yesteryear.

In this time of market saturation, retail owners and their employees are seeking more information to help their businesses thrive. In order to meet their needs to the fullest extent, we have created a new section of the magazine called Cup Service, catered specifically to the specialty beverage retailer. Cup Service is a fun yet informative reference source comprising those articles that are of most interest to retailers, including topics like barista training, customer service and trends, management techniques, and product showcases consisting of the latest innovations in items for the retail shop. With room to grow and change as the industry does, Cup Service will continue to keep a close watch on what is of immediate interest to specialty beverage shop owners.

We are also happy with our roaster/retailer growth in Europe, as we have seen coffee bars and shops proliferate throughout the Continent - and we cannot get over the emergence of new coffee bars throughout Asia! The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) has recently named as their executive director, Patrick Bewley of Bewley’s Coffee in Ireland. The Association has been on a steady course of education within all sectors of the industry. We thank those companies with the passion and foresight to attract and bring brewed coffee to those of all ages, especially the younger generation.

We will continue to be an invaluable service for all sectors of the industry - assisting our producers who are experiencing their worst times; updating all our roasters, specialty and commercial, of industry news; and encouraging the growth of the retailer.

We are all in the same boat here. Our goal is, ultimately, to provide a beverage for the consumer. There should be no enemies here - no fighting, no name-calling. Let’s not forget that we are all trying to ensure our industry’s survival. It can survive, and will survive - but only with all of us working together.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - April/May, 2003

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