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Niro Acquires Atlas-Stord Food Division
Niro A/S of Denmark has recently acquired the food division of Atlas-Stord Denmark A/S, the leading supplier of freeze-drying and vacuum equipment. The company states that this acquisition will allow Niro to further develop this important segment of the food processing and beverage sector, and provide an enhanced service to its customers.

The Atlas freeze-drying products complement Niro’s existing range of spray dryers, extractors, concentrators and process equipment that already hold a leading position in their marketplace.

Steen Lassen, the new deputy division manager for Niro, is positive about the opportunities that the acquisition will provide for his company. “Freeze-drying is an important part in many food processing operations,” he explained. “Now, we are able to provide our customers with a single source for entire process lines and guarantee a continuity of supply.”

Freeze-drying is used extensively in the production of instant coffee.

Niro A/S, Gladsaxevej 305, PO Box 45, 2860 Soeborg, Denmark. Tel: (45)39 545454, Fax: (45) 39 545800, E-mail: niro@niro.dk. Web site: www.niro.com

Spee-Dee and Matrix Packaging Premiere the CoffeePro
James Navin, president of Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., recently debuted the CoffeePro, a complete filling system for the coffee industry made possible through an alliance with Matrix Packaging Machinery, Inc.

The CoffeePro, which fills by volume, offers a complete system designed specifically to fill small (one to four ounce) fraction packs for food service. A combination of Spee-Dee’s specialized servo drive auger filling technology and Matrix’s expertise in forming pouches has produced a vertical form/fill/seal system (VFFS).

Other benefits of the CoffeePro filling system include PLC operation with a single touch screen control for both filling and bagging functions and a food grade stainless steel framing of the auger and bagger as a standard feature.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., 9950 Durand Ave., Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177. Tel: (262) 886-4402, Fax: (262) 886-5502, E-mail: info@spee-dee.com, Web site: www.spee-dee.com

Kason’s Bag Dump Screener
Kason’s new Vibroscreen Circular Vibratory Bag Dump Screener scalps bag scraps and other oversize materials from manually dumped bulk materials while protecting the operator and plant environment against dust contamination.

Integral to the unit is an ultra low profile, vibratory screener that affords a sufficiently low deck height, and space below the screener outlet for connection to mechanical or pneumatic conveyors, process equipment or storage vessels.

Ambient air and dust from dumping activities is drawn onto the exterior of two cartridge filters that derive vacuum from a top-mounted exhaust fan. Dust accumulated on the filter’s exterior surfaces is dislodged by overcoming continuous negative pressure within the cartridge filters, with positive pressure introduced in short blasts on a timed cycle by pulse jet nozzles. Dislodged material falls into the screener while instant resumption of negative pressure collects any dust generated by the filter cleansing operation.

Kason Corporation, 67-71 East Willow St., Millburn, New Jersey 07041. Tel: (973) 467-8140, Fax (973) 258-9533. E-mail: info@kason.com, Web site: www.kason.com

Turkish Grind
Turkish/Grecian type coffees utilize the finest grinds in the industry and now, through the use of Modern Process Equipment’s new “active roll cleaning system”, the size of these coffee particles are greatly reduced. MPE’s new grinder technology allows these grinds to be reduced in particle size to 50 microns.

Modern Process Equipment, Inc., 3125 South Kolin Ave., Chicago Illinois 60623. Tel: (773) 254-3929, Fax: (773) 254-3935, E-mail: solutions@mpechicago.com

Tea & Coffee - April/May 2002
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