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Book Review by Daniel Cox:
The Birth of Coffee

At first glance The Birth of Coffee looks like just another coffee table book - glossy pictures and minimal substance - the kind you leaf through but don’t really read. A careful look at the preface, however, will reveal to any serious coffee professional the authenticity and depth that the co-authors Linda and Daniel Lorenzetti, bring to the subject. The images portrayed will bring a rush of senses to the eye, the nose, the hands and the heart, especially if you have ever traveled to a coffee-producing country. This book makes the reader feel coffee and people.

The core of the book revolves around eight coffee-growing countries. Although there are about 50 countries in the world that grow coffee, the selection of these eight represents the diversity of quality coffees grown throughout the four major growing regions: Central America, South America, Africa and Middle East, and Indonesia.

The book’s text describes the labor and attention that goes into growing and producing coffee. The people who care for coffee are as much a focus of the book as coffee itself. Little is actually mentioned about the taste of each country’s coffees, which I found to be refreshing, as most writers tend to overstate and misdiagnose the tastes and smells of individual coffees.

Linda Lorenzetti does an admirable job of describing the varied coffee cultures and methodologies in each country. Her writing is excellent: clear, concise and interesting. She describes the labor, the intricacies and mores without the blood, guts and gore which could have easily been entwined and distracting.

The photographic portraits are just that. Each picture has been delicately chosen and framed to explain a detail or emotion without clutter. Daniel Lorenzetti’s style of using only sepia calls attention to detail without the use of blatant color.

The Birth of Coffee is a beautifully produced book, laid out with many fine touches. It is also the ideal gift for a coffee professional

The Birth of Coffee, Clarkson Potter/Publishers.

Boyd Coffee Adds Two New Blends
Boyd Coffee Company recently added two new coffees to its Viaggio Coffees line - Bucaramanga Organic (Buc) and HueHueTenango (“way-way-tuh-nango”).

Bucaramanga Organic is grown in the eastern Cordillera of the Andes Mountains and meets the shade grown coffee criteria developed by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

Originating in the HueHueTenango region of Guatemala, the small, family-owned coffee farms supplying HueHueTenango to Boyd Coffee Company produce only four offerings of this coffee per year.

Boyd Coffee Company provides coffee, espresso, rare estate coffees and rare estate tea as well as related equipment to restaurants and other foodservice operations. A privately held organization managed and run by the third and fourth generation of the Boyd family, the company offers more than 650 coffee and food items to buyers around the world. Boyd Coffee Company has its headquarters on a 27-acre site just east of Portland, Oregon.

Boyd Coffee Company, 1973 Sandy Boulevard, Portland, Oregon. Tel: (503) 666-4545, Fax: (503) 669-2223, Web Site: www.boyds.com

New Commercial Coffemaker
Hamilton Beach Commercial recently introduced the new D49224 Commercial Coffeemaker. With the assurance of commercial UL approval, the D49224 is for small office applications. This 10-12 cup coffeemaker features a removable water reservoir that lifts out for filling at the sink and easy cleaning. This feature also eliminates the extra step of having to pour water from the carafe into the reservoir.

Other features include a two-hour automatic shutoff. Automatic pause and serve allows users to interrupt the brew cycle without making a mess. A swing-away, lift out brew basket allows quick disposal of used coffee grounds and easy clean up.

Hamilton Beach Commercial is a division of Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex, Inc. based in Richmond, Virginia. Since 1911, HBC has been making efficient and durable equipment for the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Hamilton Beach Commercial, 4421 Waterfront Drive, Glen Allen, Virginia 23060. Tel: (804) 273-9777, Fax: (804) 527-7174, Web Site: www.commercial.hamiltonbeach.com

Digital Brewing System from Curtis
The Curtis Digital Gemini 612ILD Brewing System is equipped with Advanced Digital System (ADS) technology, which uses less energy and helps eliminate brewing errors.

Its sensors keep water at the precise brew temperature. During idle times, Digital Gemini 51 2ILD uses less energy then a traditional brewer.

The Gemini 612ILD also saves money by preventing common brewing mistakes, states the company. Simply select the amount of coffee grinds desired - small, medium or large - and let the “interlocked” Digital Grinder fill the brew cone. The system automatically selects the correct brew cycle on the brewer and “locks out” all other functions.

Brew as many as 400 cups per hour or as few as 12 cups during slower periods. For sites that don’t require multiple brew quantities, Curtis offers the Gemini 12D, factory set to brew 36 cups of coffee at all times. Both the Gemini 61 2ILD and 12D brew directly into removable Satellite Servers that keep your coffee hot and allow you to create additional serving stations anywhere. And, operators have the option of setting warmers on high, medium or low heat for ultimate coffee flavor. Both models are equipped with a Sleep Mode that uses energy-efficient pulse heating. When the system is inactive for two hours, the Sleep Mode is automatically activated to conserve electricity.

Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc., 6913 Acco Street, Montebello, California 90640. Tel: (323) 837-2300, Fax: (323) 837-2401, E-mail: info@wilburcurtis.com, Web Site: www.wilburcurtis.com

Drive-Thru Delivered To Your Front Door
Caffeine Machines has fully equipped espresso drive-thrus available. The drive thrus come with serving counters, storage areas and three compartment stainless sink. The structure takes about six weeks to build and many options can be added. The company offers on-site assistance.

Caffeine Machines provides espresso machines, drive-thru and related equipment for making espresso, latte and cappuccino drinks.

Caffeine Machines, 231 SE 102nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97126. Tel: (503) 255-9900, E-mail: mark@caffeinemachines.com, Web Site: www.caffeinemachines.com

Two New Beverage Ideas
Haarmann & Reimer’s Flavor Division recently introduced two new beverage ideas.

H&R recently announced the arrival of its Natural Chicha Morada Type Flavor. For beverage manufacturers, it is a new product entry in the growing Hispanic market, as well as a cross-over beverage for mainstream markets.

Chicha Morada is a popular beverage from Peru made with purple corn, pineapple and apple juice, cinnamon and cloves. Chicha Morada looks like diluted grape juice, but it has a flavor that tastes like black cherries with flashes of cinnamon and clove.

In addition to H & R’s Natural Chich Morada Type Flavor, they are capitalizing on the growing tendency of flavors to cross markets. H & R offers a line of candy and confection flavors for beverages based on popular candy and confections such as Cotton Candy, Red Hot Cinnamon, Bubblegum and Banana Cream Pie. A selection of beverage prototypes based on these flavors is also available.

Haarmann & Reimer, 300 North Street, Teterboro, New Jersey 07608. Tel: (201) 288-3200, Fax: (201) 462-2200, Web Site: www.haarmann-reimer.com

Tea & Coffee - April/May 2001

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