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ELEXSO Makes Major Steps in Its World Wide Activities
ELEXSO Sortiertechnik GmbH, manufacturers of electronic color sorters, have been registered in Hamburg, Germany, as a joint stock company under the new corporate style of ELEXSO Sortiertechnik AG.

The company’s c.e.o. is Harald C. Justus, Jos P. Mallant is technical director, Per J. Justus is sales director, and Alfred P. Justus, who founded the company together with Harald C. Justus and Jos P. Mallant, is in charge of all ELEXSO activities in Colombia and Central America. David Parking is head of the corporate customer services department and Wolfram Zeyen is sales manager - Europe.

Earlier this year ELEXSO formed subsidiaries in their major markets: ELEXSO Inc. was formed in Sugarland, Texas (Houston), with Per J. Justus as c.e.o., Virgil Harris as vice president - administrative services, and Jerry Williams, Atlanta, as national sales director. ELEXSO de Colombia Ltda. was formed in Bogata with Javier Ucros as managing director and Camilo Ceron as customer service manager. ELEXSO do Brazil Ltd. was formed in E.S. do Pinhal in the State of Sao Paulo, close to the major coffee growing areas of Minas Gerais. The company’s managing director is Christian Böge and the technical director is Valdir Inacio.

“We have strengthened our financial base at home,” states Harald C. Justus, “and we have shown our commitment to our major markets in the U.S., Colombia, and Brazil. In 1999, we have also been successful in Africa by opening new markets for our trichromatic color sorters. We are now well positioned for further growth in 2000, when we will broaden our product line with new models that keep pace with the ever growing requirements of our worldwide customers.”

ELEXSO Sortiertechnik AG, Hans-Duncker, Strasse 1, 21035 Hamburg. (P.O. Box 800547, 21005 Hamburg). Tel: (49)(40) 734 24102, Fax: (49)(40) 734 24132, E- mail: sales@elexso.com, Web site: www.elexso.com

Martin Bauer Group and American Ingredients Announce A New Agreement
American Ingredients and The Martin Bauer Group, a worldwide producer of herbal extracts, powders, and medicinal decaffeinated teas, have decided to enter a new form of agreement. The two companies will continue to work together on mutual projects that provide the best solutions for their customers but not in the form of an official distributorship arrangement any more.

Both companies feel that this move will allow them to focus on what they do best and provide the best opportunity for future growth.

The objectives of the Martin Bauer Group, Plantextrakt, Finzelberg, and Ambro Müggenburg, are to establish a stronger presence in the U.S. marketplace and give the best technical and customer service possible. The company is also developing its own sales network and operations led by their new president, Allan Hemmelstein, and their c.e.o., Werner Bär.

STAR Elects Gerry Vandergrift to Chairman Post
The Specialty Tea Registry (STAR) has appointed Gerry Vandergrift as chairman of the Tea Association of the USA’s Retail Committee. The Retail Committee is responsible for setting and implementing strategy and programs for STAR - the Tea Association of the USA’s retail initiative. Gerry is the president of the Metropolitan Tea Co. Ltd. of Toronto, Canada, as well as a director of the Tea Association of the USA. Vandergrift has over 20 years experience in the tea industry.

STAR was formed as a support tool for the specialty tea trade. It provides its members with information about specialty tea and the tea industry in general and also makes available periodic seminars conducted by experts in their respective fields. In effect, it offers an affordable opportunity for anyone interested in specialty tea to learn the field. The $250 annual membership fee includes a 200+ page reference book. In addition, membership offers frequent information mailings, affordable seminars discounted for members, and consultation rights with the staff.

All new members of STAR receive a free 6-month subscription to the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.

Specialty Tea Registry, 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 825, New York, New York 10170. Tel: (212) 986-0250, Fax: (212) 697-8658, E-mail: simrany@banet.net

Nespresso Launches New Product Line Independent of Krups
Nestlé Nespresso USA has introduced a new line of espresso machines that are to be distributed and marketed independently of Krups.

Martin Grieder, president of Nestlé Nespresso USA, states, “By taking over our own distribution with this exciting new line of Nespresso machines, we can now give the trade better margins and much more responsive service. In addition, we can offer consumers highly competitive pricing for top of the line espresso machines.”

The new distribution strategy marks a radical departure for Nespresso which has always partnered with established appliance brands to sell its machines.

“The retail landscape is changing rapidly in the U.S., driven largely by retailers’ online strategies. We have to be able to offer retailers better service and respond quicker and more aggressively to sales opportunities if we’re to succeed in this market.”

To drive the initial sell-in of the new machines, the company is offering a promotion until May 31, in which new accounts receive free machines for demonstration purposes. The new Nespresso machines are scheduled to reach retail shelves by the end of May.

Nestlé Coffee Specialties USA, Inc., 214 East 52nd St., New York, New York 10022-6201. Tel: (212) 755-0585, Fax: (212) 755-0043, Web site: www.nespresso.com

Tea & Coffee - April 2000


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