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CONTI’s Twin Star Double-Boiler Espresso Machine Certified by NSF
CONTI's line of espresso machines have received UL and NSF4 certification, giving them the distinction of being the only machines to earn certification directly from NSF as opposed to earning it through a licensed lab. One of the machines to earn the certification is the Twin Star. It features the company’s double-boiler system, which improves coffee extraction at any flow rate because it stabilizes the brewing water temperature while still being able to produce unlimited amounts of steam and hot water.

The machine also features an injection system with the flow meter fitted into the group body to eliminate thermal shocks and scaling for brewing espresso. And it has the further advantage of being easy to program: The electronic thermostat allows the user to set, check, and maintain the precise brewing temperature at any flow rate by using the push buttons; the machine’s counter registers the daily number of cups for a precise profit calculation; and coffee volume is easy to program via the corresponding push-buttons on the control panel. The Twin Starr also has a permanent time display and a programmable automatic daily on/off switch for energy conservation and flexible operation.

CONTI, 8 quai Antoine 1er, B.P. 119, MC 98007, Monaco Cedex. Tel: (377) 93 19 43 49, Fax: (377) 93 10 43 44, E-mail: export@conti-espresso.com, Website: www.conti-espresso.com

Serenity Resides in A Cup of Numi Tea
Numi, L.L.C. has launched a full line of teas and teasans (the company’s own term, derived from the French, tisane, for brewed herbal beverages) in America.

The line of teas include two black teas, Chinese Breakfast™ Yunnan Tea and Smoky Tarry Lapsang Souchang Tea, and two green teas, Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea and Monkey King Jasmine Tea. Its line of Teasans includes Dry Desert Lime™ Teasan, Red Mellow Bush™ Rooibos Teasan, Bushmen’s Brew™ Honeybush Teasan.

All of the company’s teas are high-mountain-grown in China. The company notes that it uses top grade whole leaves in its teabags, as opposed to dust and fannings left over from the plant. The teas come in decorative self-dispensing boxes

The company has also launched a line of hand-crafted bamboo boxes that function as service caddies. They have nine compartments and hold 45 assorted teabags.

Numi, L.L.C., P.O. Box20420, Oakland, California 94620. Tel: (510) 658-2857, Fax: (510) 658-5787, E-mail: info@numitea.com, Web site: www.numitea.com

Great Eastern Sun Expands Line of Organic Japanese Teas
Great Eastern Sun has added six new teas to its line of Haiku® Organic Japanese Teas.

The teas are still available in three original versions (Sencha Green, Hojicha Roasted Green, and Kukicha Twig) and six new versions featuring blends of Sencha (Citrus Supreme, Morocan Mint, Island Breeze) and Kukicha (Black Currant, Raspberry, and Ginger Plum) with organic herbs and the cleanest GMO-free and organic flavorings available, states the company. They are grown on the Nagata Organic Plantation in the Uji district, famed for its high quality Japanese teas.

Great Eastern Sun, 92 McIntosh Rd., Asheville, North Carolina 28806. Tel: (828) 665-7790, Fax: (828) 667-8051, E-mail: customersvc@great-eastern-sun.com, Web site: www.great-easternsun.com

Torani Introduces Two New Products
Torani has launched Frusia, a fruit puree-based, shelf stable smoothie mix.

When blended with milk and ice the result is a smoothie with fresh fruit taste but without the problems of fresh fruit storage, spoilage, portion control, service bottlenecks, and the potential for food borne illness, states the company. Frusia is available in five flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Mango, and Kiwi Fruit.

Caterers, cart jockeys, and drink bar operators with limited space can extend their product offerings while increasing their storage space needs by only a few square inches, states the company. Frusia also reduces labor involved in fruit preparation both at the prep level and at the time the drink is made. Many espresso bar operators identify smoothies as the biggest bottleneck in their efforts to speed service during their busiest times.

Frusia is the second new product line to be introduced by R. Torre & Co. this year. The company also introduced Caffe Fiori, a non-sweet flavoring syrup that coffee drinkers can add directly to their cup. “Caffe Fiori and Frusia, like Torani syrups, will both make it easier for our customers to extend their product offerings while adding profits to the bottom line.”

R. Torre & Co., 233 East Harris Ave., So. San Francisco, California 94080. Tel: (650) 875-1200, Fax: (650) 875-1600.

Eagle Flask “Plugs In” to Keep Warm
Eagle Flask USA has unveiled its new Electric Mug, which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter of a car, van, or truck to maintain coffee at an ideal sipping temperature of 160°F all day.

The 18-oz. stainless-steel mug is dishwasher safe and has an indented base that easily fits into standard cup holders. Other features include a splash-guard lid, an anti-skid base, and an ergonomic handle. The mug is also foam insulated so that when it’s unplugged, it continues to keep liquids hot or cold.

Eagle Flask USA, 514 C United Dr., Durham, North Carolina 27713. Tel: (919) 544-0060, Fax: (919) 544-2535.

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