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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Barista Pro In A Box

Pietro Marmo has created a barista-to-go kit. The “Kit” is made up of one of all the following items: 50cl milk jug; angular brush, vapor brush, key, thermometer, thermometer holder, little press, group holder, little glass, brush, filter, timer, little whip, Silver 925/1000 pin, Pulycaff and an apron.

Pietro Marmo, Via Maestra 64, 27020 Breme PV, Italy. Tel:+39 0384 77282, E-mail: pietromarmo@yahoo.it, Web: www.pietromarmo.com.

The Coffee Vito from Schaerer

The Coffee Vito is a further development in the line of M. Schaerer Ltd. Coffee Factory products. Like its predecessor model, the Schaerer Coffee Vito is available in two different versions, using fresh milk or powdered milk. The powdered milk version is particularly suited for use in the vending sector and other self-service situations and the fresh milk version is equipped with the proven technology of the Schaerer “milk universe.” The new design features an attractive control panel, larger bean containers and “aquaflex,” an added function making it simple to switch between the water tank and a main water connection.

The machine is an easy to care for, flexible and fully automatic coffee machine 33 cm wide that offers up to 15 different beverages, plus all the advantages you would expect from a large-size, high-capacity coffee machine. Special attention was given to optimizing the interface between machine and user: a well-proportioned, individually programmable touch screen provides clear prompts so your beverage turns out just the way you want it with just a press of a button. The large coffee bean containers with a capacity of 1.1 kg each enables one to refill less often, making operation less dependent on personnel.

The brewing unit is made of plastic instead of metal and is taste and odor free. The capacity of the boilers and grinders is calculated so that water and coffee beans are always fresh. State-of-the-art software and hardware complete the robust technology that is a distinguishing feature of the Coffee Vito.

M. Schaerer Ltd., Gewerbestrasse 15, CH-3302 Moosseedorf Germany. Tel: +41 31 858 51 86, Web: www.schaerer.com.

iSteam Steam Wand

With the iSteam fully automatic steam wand, Egro Coffee Systems now offers an option for companies with a low requirement for coffee/milk drinks. With iSteam, there is no longer a need for time-consuming manual milk heating/frothing and it is not necessary to buy a milk system.

Egro recommends that users,”Just set the desired froth quality and temperature once and the iSteam steam wand will make cold milk frothy or heat the milk up at the touch of a button. The procedure is finished once a perfect result has been achieved. It is just as easy to clean the steam wand as it is to use it.”

Egro Coffee Systems, Mellingerstrasse 10, CH-5443 Niederrohrdorf, Switzerland. Tel: +41 0 56 485 95 70, Fax: +41 0 56 485 97 70, E-mail: info@egrocoffee.com, Web: www.egrocoffee.com.

Patent Approval for Grindz

The European Patent Authority has approved a patent for the Urnex’s grinder cleaning technology. Grindz Grinder Cleaner is the first-ever product designed to clean coffee grinding equipment and has patent protection in place in a number of markets around the world. The product is an all-natural and food safe compound of coffee bean shaped tablets. Operators can quickly and safely grind the product through their grinders to remove coffee oil and particle residue as well as flavored coffee odors. With Grindz, there is no longer a need to disassemble the grinder to clean burrs or casings.

The inspiration for the cleaner came from discussions between Joshua Dick, president of Urnex Brands, Inc. and Nils Erichsen, managing partner of Mahlkoenig / Ditting. “We are so proud that this innovation has received a stamp of approval from the Patent Authority,” said Joshua Dick. “What started as a simple effort to create a cleaning product for coffee grinders has been confirmed as a global innovation.”

Urnex Brands, Inc. has been manufacturing specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment since 1936. Mahlkoenig / Ditting has been manufacturing a coffee grinders since 1924.

Urnex Brands, Inc., Yonkers, New York. Tel: +1(914) 963-2042, E-mail: info@urnext.com, Web: www.urnex.com, www.mahlkoenig.de, www.ditting.com.

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