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Cooxupé’s Golden Jubilee

Cooxupé Coffee Cooperative recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in the coffee trade at their headquarters in Guaxupé, Minas Gerais. The company was founded in 1932 by a group of 24 farmers from the region. The original corporate name was ”Cooperativa Agricola Guaxupé.”

In 1955 the coop associates elected Dr. Isaac Riberui Ferreira Leite as president of the company. In 1957, the company’s name was changed to Cooperativa Regional fos Cafeicultores em Guaxupé Ltda. Dr. Leite and his team of directors transformed the Brazilian coffee cooperative movement into a leading commercial export enterprise. The coop introduced the latest technical improvements in warehousing milling, preparation, transportation and marketing.

An essential factor in their export success was the opening of the Cooxupé Export Office in Santos in May 1984. Superintendent of external markets, Joaquim Libanio Ferreira Leite, son of Dr. Leite, manages the operations.

Leite died in 2006 at the age of 94 and the Jubilee celebration remembered his legacy by inaugurating a bronze sculpture of Leite at the cooperative headquarters in Guaxupé. His widow Genneve, Joaquim Libanio and other members of the family and associates attended the event.

During Leite’s administration the coop grew to be Brazil’s and the world’s largest coffee cooperative with more than 11,000 producer members, annual coffee receipts of over four million bags (10% of Brazil’s average production) and in some years the leading coffee exporter with exports of over 1.5 million bags.

Transherbe Expands Capacity

In a recent capacity expansion, tea packer Transherbe in Canada, has just taken delivery of one of the latest Evo-Fold low-cost over wrappers from Marden Edwards, the 12th Marden Edwards machine the company has installed.

Transherbe has a product range of more than 300 different tea and herbal products. They are packed cartons holding between 10 and 28 sachets, all of which are over wrapped in clear film using the Marden Edwards units. The cartons are then packed into transit cases holding between six and 36 cartons.

Having recently received a contract to pack a new product into cartons, Transherbe needed to increase its over wrapping capacity, although the output of the new product did not immediately justify a major investment in new equipment.

This is the ideal situation for the Evo-Fold. Marden Edwards designed an automatic machine that produces a high quality wrap at speeds up to 40 cartons/min., but which can be built economically.

Mother Parkers’ New Coffee Roasting Facility

Mother Parkers has begun construction of a new coffee roasting facility in response to growing market opportunity and consumer demand. The organically certified site will specialize in custom roasting solutions and will accommodate a wide range of premium packaging formats as well as café style fraction packs. The new facility is committed to being carbon neutral, and is strategically located adjacent to Mother Parker’s existing plant and distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario, which is also certified organic.

The new facility has been added to address the rapidly expanding consumer taste for organic and specialty coffees. Demand for organic products has pushed the annual growth rate of the category to 28%, far exceeding the growth rate of many conventional foods.

“The development of our new plant will support our leadership in the dynamic specialty and organic coffee segments,” says, Paul Higgins, Co-CEO for Mother Parkers. “We’ve seen continued demand for more premium and organic products and a real need for customization in blending and packaging. The new facility will enable us to combine our experience in blending and craft coffee roasting with an increased level of technology and innovation. We now have the ability to be even more flexible and market-responsive while reducing our time to market, all of which is great news for our customers”.

“We’re very proud of this significant investment in our customers” adds Michael Higgins, Co-CEO. “It means that we can take blend development and roasting quality to new heights and it will allow us to create unique, customized premium blends for our customers – quickly, efficiently and to the exceptional standard of quality that Mother Parkers is known for.”

Mother Parkers’ operations have enjoyed steady expansion over the decades with operations in Mississauga, Ontario; Ajax, Ontario; and Fort Worth, Texas. Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee Inc. employs approximately 500 people in its Canadian operations and 300 people in the U.S.

Takasago Acquires Dan Kaffe

Takasago International Corporation and Takasago Ltd., in conjunction with Mitsubishi Corporation, have acquired Dan Kaffe, a Malaysian manufacturer of coffee extracts and spray dried coffee.

“The coffee market has been booming in Asian markets and the popularity of Dan Kaffe products has been noted worldwide. The acquisition impacts on our development of new coffee flavor concepts here in the U.S. as the worldwide coffee market continues to grow, with consumers always looking for better coffee tastes,” said Brian Buck, vice president and general manager, Takasago International Corp. (USA) Flavor Division.

He pointed out that according to Euromonitor, it’s anticipated that by 2008, the coffee market in China will grow by 70%. “What was once predominantly a Western concept has taken hold in Asian markets, and with this acceptance comes new coffee flavor ideas.”

Takasago International (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Takasago International Corporation, which was established in Japan in 1920. With worldwide sales of more than $1 billion, Takasago maintains offices, production sites and R&D centers in 25 countries. In 2001, Takasago director, professor Ryoji Noyori of Nagoya University, was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on chirally catalyzed hydrogenation reactions. According to the company, Takasago is honored to have the technical support of Professor Ryoji Noyori as the company strives toward breakthroughs in flavor, fragrance and aroma chemical development.

Mars, Nestlé and ECOM Join Good Inside Cocoa Program

Mars, Inc., Nestlé and ECOM Agroindustrial have joined the Utz Certified – Good Inside Cocoa Program. These three companies join Cargill, Heinz Benelux, Ahold and Solidaridad. The initiative is also supported by Oxfam Novib.

The Utz Certified – Good Inside Cocoa Program is working to implement a credible certification system to ensure that mainstream cocoa is produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

“We are very pleased that Mars, Nestlé and ECOM have joined the program, as they are important players in the cocoa industry,” said Frank Pronk, executive director of Utz Certified. “We believe that Utz Certified’s experience in mainstream coffee certification and traceability, and the experience and commitment of all the organizations involved, will enable us to work towards a more sustainable cocoa sector.”

The program partners are working developing a code of conduct with industry stakeholders and non-governmental organizations. The first “Good Inside” cocoa is expected to be available in the second half of 2009. For more information, visit www.utzcertified.org/cocoa.

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