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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Who’s the Underdog Now?

Santiago’s Maté launched a new blend of coffee and yerba maté named “Greenz ‘n’ Beanz,” which is believed to be the first coffee-maté blend in the U.S. According to the company, the blend caters to health-conscious customers looking for the flavor of coffee and the health benefits of tea. Nathaniel Winkler, co-founder of Santiago’s Maté Company, states, “Coffee and maté have been somewhat of rivals since the introduction of mate in North America. I saw no reason to fight that market, as most Yerba maté companies in America.” Allen Tackett, president of Underdog Coffee adds, “Nathan was looking for a premium, organic Fair Trade coffee that would pair well with mate; we recommended a clean, full bodied coffee roasted dark enough to punch through the cacophony of flavors in the drink.”

Santiago’s Maté Company opened in June of 2005, and according to them, is the first Yerba maté café in the U.S. As for Underdog Coffee, it is a specialty coffee micro-roaster with three coffee shops in Oregon and wholesale accounts throughout the U.S.

Underdog Coffee, 235 SW 6th St. Redmond, Oregon 97756. Tel: +(1)(541) 325-2100, E-mail: tackett@underdogcoffee.com, Web: www.underdogcoffee.com.

Santiago’s Mate Company, 528 S.W. 6th St. Redmond, Oregon 97756. Tel: +(1)(541) 504-8870, E-mail: shop@santiagosmate.com, Web: www.santiagosmate.com.

The Energy Chai

Chai is usually sought after for its great taste, and the serenity that a cup can bring. However, what is you needed that delicious taste, along with a boost of energy? Oregon Chai has developed the answer to your calm and collected routine. As one of the leading chai brands in the U.S., Oregon Chai offers the latest in their line of products, the Energy Chai Latte, which is available as a super concentrate. Some of The Energy’s key ingredients are taurine, caffeine, niacin, and the vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. The result is a power punch of black tea, honey, vanilla and spices. It’s packaged in half-gallons jugs that are designed to work with standard sauce pumps, and works well with hot, cold and frozen drinks.

Going along with a market that only seems to be increasing, director of marketing for Oregon Chai’s parenting company – Kerry Food Beverage, Kevin Kreutner states, “With the Energy Chai, we’ve created a way for specialty coffee retailers to capitalize on the energy drink craze.”

Kreutner added, “Energy drinks are the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry, and yet that popularity hasn’t been well transferred into hot, morning beverages.”

Oregon Chai, Inc., 20925 Watertown Road, Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53186. Tel: +(1)(888) 874-Chai, Fax: +(1)(262) 317-3993, Web: www.oregonchai.com.

Primera’s LX400 Color Label Printer for Short-Run Label Printing

For those quick label fixes, Primera Technology, Inc. –– a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment –– has developed the LX400 Color Label Printer. Whether for food, office products, retail tags, coupons, tickets or cups, you can instantly brand your space with your choice of image or logo. It prints full color photos, text, graphics and bar code labels, on scratch and waterproof paper quality.

The LX400 is also easy to operate and set-up, since it works well with the following computer systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X version 10.2 or higher. So go ahead –– spread the word!

Primera Technology, Inc., Two Carlson Parkway North, Plymouth, Minnesota 55447. Tel: +(1)(763) 475-6676, Fax: +(1)(763) 475-6677, E-mail: sales@primeralabel.com, Web: www.primeralabel.com.

For Ladies’ Night, Women’s Tea

Two of San Francisco Bay’s great brands — The Republic of Tea and LUNA – have collaborated to create the first line of organic bottled “Nutritional Iced Tea For Women.” The beverage is brewed from the finest organic tea, has just 50 calories per 12-oz bottle, and is made with 70% organic ingredients. It is all natural (no preservatives) and includes many of the essential nutrients women need everyday for overall health and wellness, such as folate, calcium and vitamin D, along with the reported values of tea itself.

The Nutritional Iced Teas for Women includes the finest organic black, green, white, red and decaf black teas, expertly blended with vitamins, minerals and a touch of organic evaporated cane juice and comes in five original ready-to-drink flavors: Ginger Currant Black Tea, Lemon Blueberry Decaf Black Tea, Kiwi Strawberry Green Tea, Mandarin Orange White Tea and naturally-caffeine-free Cherry Vanilla Red Tea.

The perfect snack to compliment this unique drink, is a line of LUNA Tea Cakes, also made with The Republic of Tea’s collection of premium teas and herbs. They are available in three delicious varieties: Vanilla Macadamia for mood balance, Orange Blossom for healthy skin and Berry Pomegranate for longevity. Together, a perfect treat anytime of day. This partnership marks an extension of both brands’ line of products that benefit and nourish the specific needs of today’s on-the-go women.

The Republic of Tea, 8 Digital Drive, Suite 100, Novato, California 94949. Tel: +(1)(800) 298-4832, E-mail: CustomerSatisfaction@RepublicOfTea.com, Web: www.republicoftea.com.

Just In Time, The Next Generation in Coffee

If you thought your morning cup of Joe couldn’t get any better, well SPAVA is making sure that it does. As the first fortified, all-organic line of gourmet coffee, this cup is designed to improve physical and mental health without sacrificing great taste. Michael Sweeney, president of Voyava Republic, SPAVA uses a patent-pending technique to imbue roasted Arabica beans with a variety of all-natural supplements, such as Gingko Biloba and Echinachea.

With recent studies demonstrating coffee’s high antioxidant levels, and a revolutionary fortification technology, SPAVA lets coffee drinkers start each day with a healthier choice. Sweeney, who has worked on 14 U.S. patents for technology products, said, “We let our buyers know we are Certified Organic, and fair-trade, as well as made with only 100% natural ingredients.”

Spava Coffee, 8600 Jameel St. Stuite 140, Houston, Texas 77040. Tel: +(1)(866)48Spava, E-mail: CustomerCare@SpavaCoffee.com, Web: www.SPAVACoffee.com.

Zojirushi Introduces New Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe
with Brewing Thru Lid

Zojirushi, a leader in thermal products and vacuum bottles, is gearing up to release its new economical, all Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe (model SH-FB19). According to the company, the Carafe’s superior heat retention technology is designed to keep coffee and other beverages hot for extended periods of time. This, along with the patented Brew-Thru lid, allows for direct brewing from commercial coffee brewers.

Ideal for restaurants and food service vendors, the Carafe features a wide-mouth and lid that disassembles, making it simple to clean and perfect for commercial use where sanitary surfaces are essential. The stainless steel vacuum liner superbly retains heat, keeping coffee fresh to the last cup.

Zojirushi American Corp., 6259 Bandini Blvd., Commerce, California 90040. Tel: +(1)(323) 722-1700, Fax: +(1)(323) 722-0077, E-mail: info@zojirushi.com, Web: www.zojirushi.com.

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