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Stamper Stix

Stamper Stix are miniature ink stampers for use with New Venture’s Coffee Coins or with frequent buyer cards. These miniature stampers imprint a clearly legible 3/16” mini-mug using any standard ink pad. Retailers can use them on ceramic Coffee Coins (pictured in the photo) or their own frequent buyer cards. Hand-crafted in the U.S., each tool is made of durable hardwood with a blue painted finish. Unlike the many generic hole punches and stampers on the market, the miniature design of this mug stamp is a deterrent to copycats.

New Venture Group, LLC, 9660 Corn Tassel Ct., Columbia, Maryland 21046, Tel: (1)(301) 509-1899, Fax: (1)(301) 362-4132, E-mail: newventuresales@comcast.net, Web site: www.coffeecoin.com

Teas with Southern Comfort

First Colony Coffee & Tea Company introduces four varieties of Southern Comfort Tea.

Southern Comfort liqueur has multiple flavor notes including fruits, spices, and whiskey. The four flavors of tea reflect these unique flavor notes and the brand’s southern roots, and are non-alcoholic: Southern Comfort Original and Original Decaf - fruity black tea; Southern Comfort Peach Delight - black tea with peach; Southern Comfort Cherry Crème - Combines black tea with cherry and creamy vanilla; and Southern Comfort Orange Social - Combines black tea with sweet orange.

“The Southern Comfort teas are perfect for socializing with friends on a hot day or for adding to a special-occasion gift basket,” said Charlie Cortellini, president First Colony Coffee & Tea.

Southern Comfort also has a flavored gourmet coffee distributed by First Colony.

First Colony Coffee & Tea Company, 204 W. 22nd Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23517. Tel: (1)(757) 622-2224, Fax: (1)(757) 623-1833, E-mail: sales@firstcolonycoffeeinc.com, Web site: www.firstcolonycoffee.com.

100% Natural, Lo-Cal Iced Tea

Skae Beverage International has launched a new line of natural ready-to-drink beverages. New Leaf beverages are 100% all-natural and are available in six incredible flavors, Green Tea with Ginseng, Green Tea with Plum, White Tea with Honey Dew, White Tea with Ginseng and Honey, White Tea with Grapefruit, and White Tea with Ginger.

The line is a unique blend of all natural green and white teas that have great flavor and taste. The teas are sweetened with evaporated cane juice so each New Leaf beverage has only 60 to 75 calories.

Skae Beverage International, 60 Dutch Hill Rd Suite 9, Orangeburg, New York 10962. Tel: (1)(845) 365-1570, Fax: (1)(845) 365-1572, E-mail: info@midnightsunbrands.com, Web site: www.drinknewleaf.com.

Tea & Coffee - March/April, 2004
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