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Allegro Introduces A New Look
Allegro Coffee Company introduces a new look, from packaging and logo to point of sale materials. The specialty coffee roaster and distributor has recrafted its marketing identity. This new look includes earth tones, wood block art and original photography from countries of origin.

“Allegro’s new look conveys that our coffees are genuinely handcrafted from seed to cup,” says Tara Cross, director of marketing. “It now resonates the craftsmanship and sustainability practices that are true to our coffee and our company.”

The new label specifies the coffee’s origin, flavor roast and body. The label also includes instructions for storage, grinding, and brewing.

Allegro Coffee Company, 12799 Claude Court, Building B, Dock 4, Thornton, Colorado 80241. Tel: (303) 444-4844, Fax: (303) 920-5468, Web site: www.allegrocoffee.com

CoolCuff Insulated Paper Hot Cup Sleeves
CoolCuff is a dual panel insulated sleeve, which provides more benefits than sleeves currently in use, states the company. CoolCuff’s design stabilizes the cup by widening its stance. When a CoolCuff is slipped onto a paper cup, it effectively widens its base.

CoolCuff‘s stronger one-piece design isn’t glued. The panels of a glued sleeve can stick together making it difficult to slip on a cup. Alternatively, assembly is something customers or staff at a coffee shop do not want to do.

Coffee shops will find that CoolCuff provides a unique point-of-sale media that can promote their special products and services. After CoolCuff is used to handle a hot paper cup, one of its panels is easily torn off to be used as an eye-catching coupon to promote return visits to the point-of-purchase shop or to help sell other products. CoolCuff can be custom printed and die-cut in intriguing ways to advertise many different products or services.

CoolCuff, 2322 North Upton Street, Arlington, Virginia 22207. Tel: (703) 522-0364, Web site: www.CoolCuff.com.

The Roast with the Most
Nepro, the Hamburg company, has developed a roasting technology that accomplishes roasting in a fraction of the normal time. The Nepro Vortex Fluidat process uses heating gases, distributed in set patterns, to roast beans in a fluid like manner. The product is constantly in motion, therefore, each bean is roasted evenly. After losing moisture, the beans become lighter and float to the cooler top, which prevents them from being burned. The air that is used in the roasting process contains almost no oxygen, which helps maintain the integrity of the flavor and aroma.

There are three types of the Nepro Vortex Fluidat roaster, all of which have roasting times of between 60-300 seconds. Nepro has developed batch and/or quasi-continuous roasters for all required capacities.

Nepro Verfahrens-technik GmbH, An’n Slagboom 30, d-22848 Norderstedt, Hamburg, Germany; Tel: (49) (40) 52 88 94 26, Fax: (49) (40) 52 88 94 0, E-mail: info@nepro.de, Web site: www.nepro-vortex.com.

Revolution In The Sampling Room
The Elexso-Lab can automate the tedious procedure of sorting and counting different classes of color and shape defects of any granular product such as coffee beans, peanuts or similar grains.

Elexso-Lab opens the age of sample by Internet. From any part of the world a buyer can set up, via the Internet, the exact defect classes according to which the Elexso-Lab of the seller should analyze a sample. The seller must simply open the line of communication and pour the sample into his machine. Within minutes the analysis is relayed to the buyer via Internet and a printout will document the result simultaneously for the seller and for the buyer.

The teach-in of the various defect classes is accomplished by feeding a number of typical grains of that class to the machine. The description of such class can be entered via the built-in keyboard. The same procedure is followed to register the range of colors to be considered as “good.” All parameters of a specific coffee grade are memorized and identified with a product and company code.

The images of all grains passing through the inspection area are displayed on a monitor, each bean surrounded by a borderline of a color representing its defect class or accept confirmation.

ELEXSO Sortiertechnik AG, Hans-Duncker-Strasse 1, D-21035 Hamburg, Germany. Tel: (49) 40 734 24 102, Fax: (49) 40 734 24 132, E-mail: sales@elexso.com, Web site: www.elexso.com.

Tea & Coffee - March/April 2001


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