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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Home Sweet Home, Or Office Too

Panafe, an Italian manufacturer of espresso brewers for pods and caps, located near Ravenna, offers a true range of model colors and designs.

To see this array, visit: www.panafe.com. E-mail: vendite@commercialeadriatica.com.

Rocket Espresso’s Giotto Looks Worthy Of It Name

Jeff Kennedy set about importing the Giotto espresso machine from ECM into New Zealand, and with a great marketing campaign, his coffee roasting company, Caffe L’affare, was soon selling up to 500 machines per year.

When ECM suspended production of the classic Giotto so they could focus on their commercial program, Kennedy did not hesitate in contacting ECM owner, Friedrich Berenbruch and striking a deal to purchase ECM’s domestic machine range of the Giotto and Cellini espresso machines.

Kennedy contacted long time business associate Andrew Meo, and created a new company based in Milan that would build both the Giotto and Cellini espresso machines. Whilst these machines are identical mechanically, the Cellini has a slightly smaller foot print making it more suitable for kitchens with space constraints.

Daniele Berenbruch, Friedrich’s son was asked to join them. Within a short time, Andrew and Daniele had recommenced production of the two machines under the new company name of Rocket Espresso Limited. Currently, the focus is on building exceptionally well made espresso machines that have the ability to produce excellent espresso consistently.

Both the Giotto and Cellini are hand built machines, and engineer Ennio Berti’s meticulous approach to the layout of the thermo siphon system is evident in the cup results. Features such as the lead free brass end plate in the boiler construction add to the thermal stability of the machine. Features such as this add cost to the production, but the Giotto and Cellini are about the quality of the espresso that can be produced, not about reducing costs in the manufacturing process.

Rocket Espresso has re branded, keeping the ECM heritage in the company story. The look is a slightly more contemporary approach to the more traditional espresso company look often adopted by Italian manufactures.

Says the company, Rocket Espresso is not about machine manufacturing, it’s about superior espresso preparation for a superior espresso drinking experience. www.rocket-espresso.com.

Sublime Sublima from Brasilia

Sublima extracts coffee at a record concentration of 10.4 brix with a standard 7 grams-espresso dose. While the traditional brewing pressure could hardly exceed 9 bars without over-extracting coffee, the Sublima’s innovative pump-driven Pressureplus brewing cycle can boost maximum pressure up to 14 bars with heightened extraction performance.

The machine’s Hydroactive S-2 infusion system is based on a device that combines advanced electronics together with an innovative hydraulic architecture. In addition, circuit-managing solenoid valves grant exceptional timing accuracy in the infusion process, to have a completely customable cycle according to any coffee blend.

Another innovation from Brasilia for this machine includes the Temperature Balancing System Tempdrive to obtain the maximum thermo-stability and a full-steam power. Tempdrive also allows the barista to adjust any group independently, setting up the temperature accordingly to the variety of coffee blends.

What more? Sublima’s Double Display User Interface allows for controlling and monitoring the machine’s  “vital” parameters: main boiler temperature, single group temperature, and all the groups functions; visual brewing, time brewing control, etc. www.brasilia.it.

Espacio Barista

This is something so new from VFA, the noted Spanish espresso machine manufacturer, that details are still awaited.  However, as can be seen, this is a professional espresso bar on wheels.  The centerpiece is, of course, the stunning new VFA machine itself. www.vfa-expres.com.

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