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Azkoyen Group’s Latest: Xpression

The Azkoyen Group has introduced Xpression, a new, fully automatic espresso machine that aims to serve the restaurant industry on a more affordable level. The Xpression, which can produce up to 240 espresso coffees an hour, ensures that the amount of coffee released is always consistent, as the machine measures the coffee level in the infusion chamber and applies the same pressure level, and subsequently always infuses at the same temperature, with an outstanding resulting flavor and presentation.

Just as traditional machines operate, the user can modify the characteristics of the obtained product if they so desire: temperature, weight, grinding, infusion time, cup filling. The range is based on a single model with different versions, with Xpression 2CVIL being the most complete model.

Grupo Azkoyen, Avda. San Silvestre, s/n 31350 Peralta Navarra Spain. Tel: (34) 94 870-9709. Fax: (34) 94 870-9720, Web: www.azkoyen.com, E-mail: info@azkoyen.com.

Fres-co Introduces the G14

Fres-co System USA Inc. introduces their newest retail coffee bag machine: the G14. The G14 is a compact vertical form, fill and seal machine with a fully integrated automatic finishing conveyor. The machine also incorporates the latest in technology, with speeds of up to

45 bags per minute. The economically priced G14 has the ability to produce retail coffee bags ranging in weight from 2 oz. to 5 lbs., and still offers all the popular features for retail coffee bags, including Corner Seal, valve application, gas flush, trim, tin tie, double fold and tape. Options for filling include multi head electronic load cell scales and auger.

Fres-co System USA, Inc., 3005 State Road Telford, Pennsylvania 18969-1033. Tel: (1)(215) 721-4600, Fax: (1)(215) 721-4414, Web: www.fresco.com, E-mail: contact@fresco.com.

Delta Technology Launches Color Sorters

Delta Technology Corp. has introduced a new line of high production electronic color sorters for coffee. The new models, Iguazu-II and Penta-II, claim to provide even more production and greater sorting efficiency than the previous models.

Iguazu -II is used for sorting Robusta and some Arabica coffees, while the Penta-II is a trichromatic sorter for washed coffees using advanced tricolor cameras. A special version of Iguazu-II is available for removing “broca” and small size defects. These machines are now operating in several countries in Central and South America, Africa, India, and are being introduced in Vietnam.

Both models are available in different configurations for different production requirements and are expandable to add future capacity.

These designs emphasize ease of operation with touch of a button simplicity and bright easy to read on screen menus, low operating costs over time, and field upgradeable options so that users can incorporate future improvements.

Delta Technology Corp., 1602 Townhurst, Houston, Texas 77043. Tel: (1)(713) 464 7407, Fax: (1)(713) 461 6753, Web: www.deltatechnology.com, E-mail: info@deltatechnology.com.

Nuova Simonelli’s Latest

Nuova Simonelli has introduced two new machines: the Appia and the Aurelia. The Appia inherits the essential elements of an elegant design and the innovative characteristics of the hydraulic system, of the boilers and the supply groups. In particular, it has the same system of double infusion, which consists of optimizing the extraction, as well as the cream of the coffee in a cup. Finally, the Appia has been planned with the same ergonomic stratagems marking the Aurelia.

The Aurelia, after its launch in the market in 2003, is re-proposed this year at the Host in a series of new colors. The Aurelia has a luminous sign that can be programmed, and with which the operator can send messages to strike the attention of the consumer. The messages’ programming is flexible, and enables both their animation and the planning of the time of the day of their apparition.

The Aurelia also features a hydraulic system in the boiler, in the supply groups, in the filter holder and in the electronic functions. It is also the first machine in the world certified by the European Institute of Ergonomy, and it is consigned together with the ergonomic handbook, made by Professor Giordano Pierlorenzi.

Nuova Simonelli USA, 6940 Salashan Pkwy - Bldg A, Ferndale Washington 98248. Tel: (1)(360) 366-2226, Fax: (1)(360) 366-4015, Web: www.nuovasimonelliusa.com.

Neuhaus Neotec Offers LWM 100 for Grinding

The new LWM 100 laboratory grinder from Neuhaus Neotec is an optimum machine for crushing with a narrow particle size range. Products with a hardness of up to 4 Mohs can be crushed to the required final product in a narrow pre-selectable particle size spectrum. The dust content in the product will be minimized. The laboratory grinder LWM 100 is suitable for use in pilot plants or for small-scale production

It also features a grinding chamber made of stainless steel, with a mirror finish and a transparent front door. The unit offers compact drive elements on high precision linear guide and casing for the complete operating unit.

Neuhaus Neotec GmbH, Dieselstrasse 5-9 D-21465 Reinbek. Tel: (49) 40 7277-1500, Fax: (49) 40 7277-1550, Web: www.neuhaus-neotec.de.

Weighpack Introduces The Servo-Driven “Star Auger”

Weighpack Systems has introduced the Star Auger filling machine. With a complete set of standard features, this auger offers features like servo drive, dynamic weight adjustment, viewing glass on the hopper and a touch screen. The Servo-Driven motor makes the Star Auger more accurate than most conventional clutch/brake augers or inverted gear AC motors. The Servo-Motor is a standard feature as is the Dynamic weight adjustment feature. The Star Auger is ideal for powers and small granular. It is available as a stand-alone machine operated by foot pedal or can be integrated into a system for automatic sequencing. It just as easily operates on vertical baggers or inline indexing conveyors. Speeds of 50 per minute are possible on small measurements.

Weighpack Systems, Inc., 2525 Louis Amos Montreal, QC H8T 1C3. Tel: (1)(514) 422-0808, Fax: (1)(514) 422-0834, Web: www.weighpack.com, E-mail: info@weighpack.com.

FKI Logistex’s New S-3000CB Cross-Belt Sorter

FKI Logistex has launched the S-3000CB cross-belt sorter. The S-3000CB cross-belt sorter provides accurate, high-speed transportation and sortation of items that present difficulties during traditional sorting, such as fragile products and hard-to-grip packages.

With individual, motor-driven belted carriers, the S-3000CB features gentle, horizontal item discharge and induction to ensure precise positioning and orientation throughout the sortation process. Because of its horizontal induction and discharge, the S-3000CB accommodates a diverse mix of products and package types within an individual batch of sorted items.

S-3000CB cross-belt sorters operate at speeds up to 472 ft/min (2.4 m/s) at just 65 dB(A). The S-3000CB uses a non-proprietary control system for maximum flexibility. An optional double-cart version is available to meet specific sortation requirements.

FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri 63132. Tel: (1)(877) 935 4564 in North America, (44) 87 0606-0120 in Europe, Web: www.fkilogistex.com, E-mail: info@fkilogistex.com.

Tea & Coffee - February/March, 2006

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