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You can enjoy the latest industry innovations whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home. Sit back, grab a cappuccino and a chocolate, and we’ll let our product showcase, or Nico, miniature barista, tell you how!
Home Espresso Package
With this package consumers can make Cappuccino’s, Latte’s and other Espresso beverages “in the comfort of one’s home without a Barrister Degree or expensive equipment”. With new pre-brewed liquid Espresso, Caffe Delight, the steps are easy with no beans to grind, tamp, heat at high temperatures, and afterwards clean up the mess.

A 16 oz. bottle of Caffe Delight makes up to 16 Cappuccino’s or Latte’s. Everything needed is part of the 7 piece 5 Star Home Espresso Package. This includes a Steamer with black lacquer stand to first heat the Espresso in the stainless pitcher, then heat and froth the milk in a porcelain frother (that can also be heated in the microwave).

Caffe Delight is 100% natural, but processed and packaged in a manner that makes it shelf stable. Of course, once opened the 16 oz. bottle is put in the refrigerator. Heated Caffe Delight that is left over can be refrigerated and used again.

Espresso Power+ Co., 530 Devonia Street, Harriman, Tennessee 37748. Tel: (865) 988-8018, Fax: (865) 988-5960, Web site: www.espressopowerplus.com.

Bella Caffe… a Dreamy taste of Italy
Bella Caffe’ presents five RTD flavors including Mocha Magnifico, Espresso Squisito, Mocha Magnifico Lite, Mocha Mint, and Vanilla Vero.

Bella Caffe can be found in large grocery chains and retail specialty stores. Bella Caffe can be served hot, cold, alone or paired up, from cocktails to desserts, the options are limitless! For recipes and ideas log on to www.phatco.com.

Phatco, 2248 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, California 92831, Tel: 714-765-7353, Fax: 714-257-0578, E-mail: information@phatco.com, Web site: www.phatco.com.

Barista Action Figure
Meet Nico. She’s the barista who pulls your morning espresso. No other barista in town makes a latte like Nico. Her beans are always freshly ground, she never tamps the filter basket too tight and her foam is perfect: thick and decadent, like a pillow of edible clouds. Each 5” tall hard plastic Barista Action Figure from Accoutrements has moveable arms and legs and comes with two interchangeable heads and two different sized cups (tall and grande) that she can hold in her hand

Accountrements is a Seattle-based wholesaler of toys, gifts, affordable art, and classic novelties.

Accoutrements, P.O. Box 30811, Seattle, Washington 98103, E-mail to info@accountrements.com, Web site: www.accoutrements.com.

Bite Size Bittersweet
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is recently introduced Bittersweet and Semisweet 5-Gram Squares. Now Scharffen Berger’s chocolate is available anytime. Elegant and bite-sized, Scharffen Berger Chocolate 5-Gram Squares are packaged in clear acrylic boxes and are available now at the Scharffen Berger factory store in Berkeley.

Scharffen Berger, 914 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, California 94710, Tel: (510) 981-4050, Fax: (510) 981-4051, Web site: www.scharffenberger.com.

Tea & Coffee - February/March, 2003
Theta Ridge Coffee


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