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New Spee-Dee Weigh Feedback
Spee Dee Packaging Machinery Inc. recently debuted its Check Weigh Feedback Systems for form-fill-seal production lines. The system works in conjunction with the standard Spee-Dee Servo 3500 Digitronic Auger Filler, relaying weight data electronically to the auger, and automatically adjusting auger revolutions to bring the fill back to the desired weight,

“Our purpose with the Check Weigh Feedback System,” Timm Johnson, Spee-Dee national sales manager noted, “is to achieve minimal discrepancy between package weight and fill weight. We want to close the gap and above all, decrease the deviation in the fill process. Our goal is to make the same weight on every pack. When the packager can confidently reduce fill weight and know he is still meeting package weight, he befins to realize product savings on a grand scale. Product savings translate to increased profits. It’s a very simple equation,” he concluded.

Johnson explained how weight variations happen. “So called ‘bad’ packages occur because of density shifts in the product. It gets heavier or lighter due to temperature, humidity or head pressure. The big question has previously been how to compensate for these changes in density. The filler is dispensing the same volume, but it could weigh more or less because of density aberrations. The Check Weigh Feedback System compensates of the shifts in product density, and prevents heavy or low weight packages from reaching the customer.”

Spee Dee Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer of equipment to measure and fill dry products in consumer-size containers. Spee-Dee serves a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., 9950 Durand Ave., Surtevant, Wisconsin 53177. Tel: (262) 886-4402, Fax: (262) 886-5502, E-mail: info@spee-dee.com, Web site: www.spee-dee.com

Melitta Now Using the Sonoco Valve-Pak
Melitta Canada now uses the Sonoco Valve-Pak canister with a one-way freshness valve to package their Estate Blend Coffees.

The company has now expanded its line of Estate Blend coffees with a fourth new SKU in the package, this time a 603 diameter composite can containing 1kg (approximately 2.2 pounds) of ground roasted coffee. The Melitta Traditional Extra Fine Grind

“What we have done with the Valve-Pak can is create a truly unique selling proposition that dos three things: it differentiates, provides profitable sales to the trade, and gives consumers a benefit-a better-tasting, fresher product,” says Bruce Legge, vice president of sales, marketing and operations of Melitta Canada.

Melitta Canada is very careful to make consumers aware of that their high performance package results in a higher quality, fresher-tasing coffee. The can labels tout the “Freshness Valve,” and there is a sticker on the peel label membrane that calls attention to this feature as well.

The Valve-Pak’s spiral wound construction makes it a real survivor throughout the rigors of distribution, states the company. Melitta says it has seen the number of returned packages-an industry-wide problem-take a significant decline.

Headquartered in Hartsville, South Carolina, Sonoco is a $2.5 billion global packaging leader with more than 17, 500 employees at 285 locations in 33 countries providing industrial and consumer packaging solutions to customers around the world. Sonoco is the world’s largest producer of composite canisters.

Sonoco, North Second St., Hartsville, South Carolina 29550, Tel: (843) 383-3333, Fax: (803) 376-1603.

General Packaging Introduces the H2
General Packaging Equipment Co. introduces the model H2, bag in bag, vertical form/fill/seal machine.

The H2 is comprised of two integrated machines, one on top of the other, with synchronized operation through a central PLC. Servomotor operation results in precise control at rates up to 100 per minute. Cantilevered air chuck film roll shafts permit quick roll changes and the film paths are easily accessed. The model H2 can be programmed to insert multiple pouches into the overwrap package. Filling options will accommodate a wide variety of products.

General Packaging Equipment Co., 6048 Westview Drive, Houston, Texas 77055. Tel: (713) 686-4331, Fax: (713) 683-3967, E-mail: gpeinfo@generalpackaging.com, Web site: www.generalpackaging.com

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