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The East Indies Co. to Distribute for Williamson & Magor
Specialist tea packer Williamson & Magor, importer of fine tea from India and Kenya from their group owned estates, has appointed The East Indies Co. as a North American distributor. For over 20 years The East Indies Co. has been supplying North America with fine teas from around the world.

The East Indies Co., 7 Keystone Dr., Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042. Tel: (717) 228-2000, (717) 228-2540, E-mail: mstea@paonline.com.

Tea Sourcing On-line
Traditionally, tea buyers have had to travel to find their teas, and small tea growers rarely publicized their products.

The new internet site http://www.Tea-Trader.com has set out to change this: it’s a single, neutral forum for buying and selling tea, and it’s free.

For those who cannot afford to maintain tea buyers/tasters in countries of production, says the company, the site will allow access to all major producing regions, gardens (estates), and companies and will also provide contact information for brokers, exporters, and wholesalers in many countries throughout the world. The site has a database containing thousands of estates, associations, exporters, and other tea-related products and services: Did you try a tea from the Kacharigaon Estate in Assam and wonder what the estate is like? Do you want to know about the estate or what others have said about this tea? Tea-Trader.com is the place to start tea research. Users can come here to learn about tea or a particular estate, to make contacts and give opinions, or to buy teas currently on offer. New teas will be added frequently and thousands of contacts will be there to explore and make use of every day. Sellers are welcome to offer their products at the site, even without using any of Tea-Trader.com’s services.

The company also notes that the site will offer online tea auctions for all size lots, from 1-lb. to 100,000-lb. and more.

Commodities Online, LLC, P.O. Box 802, Kirkland, Washington 98083. Tel: (888) 525-7796, Fax: (413) 581-5310, E-mail: info@tea-trader.com.

LIFFE to Introduce Revised Quality Criteria for Robusta Coffee Futures
In New York, The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) will implement revisions to the quality criteria for its benchmark Robusta Coffee Futures contract starting February 1, 2000, the Exchange said in a statement.

LIFFE, which announced the revision for all delivery months from March 2000 onwards a year ago, said the revised criteria concern the way in which mold is to be assessed during grading of samples submitted to the Exchange.

The new criteria make a distinction between coffee beans with 50% or more of their surface area covered in mold and those that are partially covered with less than 50%. Partially covered beans will be ascribed a nominal “defective” value in the defect count, although each sample submitted for grading will also be subject to a further assessment for mold that is separate from the defect count. Under this separate assessment, LIFFE said a sample of coffee will be graded not tenderable if it has more than five fully moldy or ten partially moldy beans, or any combination thereof, such that the total exceeds the equivalent of five fully moldy beans per 500g.

“Following extensive research and consultation with the Exchange’s members and other customers, these changes have been introduced to ensure that LIFFE’s coffee quality criteria more accurately reflect today’s standards in the commercial market,” said Paul Akroyd, Chairman of LIFFE’s Commodity Advisory Group.

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