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Be-Bop Biscotti Extends Its Product Line
Be-Bop Biscotti has extended its line of high-quality, hand-crafted biscotti to included ten premium and innovative flavors.

The line now consists of: Almond, a rich and buttery biscotti, leaning toward the original Italian cookie; Anisette, a bold and sharp biscotti created for licorice lovers; Chocolate Walnut, a blend of chocolate chips, walnuts, and cocoa powder dipped in rich dark chocolate; Cranberry Pistachio, the company’s holiday biscotti which brings together sweet dried cranberries, crunchy pistachios, and a light drizzling of creamy white chocolate; Creme de Menthe Chip, a blend of peppermint and chocolate chips dipped in dark chocolate; English Toffee, a flavor that unites crunchy toffee with rich milk chocolate; Gingersnap, a sweet and pungent biscotti which blends molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and is dipped in lemon white chocolate; Java Bean, which has crushed chocolate-covered espresso beans as its base, is dipped in dark chocolate and then swirled with white chocolate; Orange Pecan, the company’s original flavor, which combines lightly toasted pecans with pure orange oil dipped in dark chocolate; and Peanut Butter Dipped in Milk Chocolate.

All biscottis are slightly oversized, at about 5-oz. each.

Be-Bop Biscotti, P.O. Box 5891, Bend, Oregon 97708. Tel: (541) 318-8675, Fax: (541) 318-5247.

Stylish Ties, Suspenders, and Bow Ties by Robert Charles
Robert Charles has launched his Java Bean Collection in the U.S. and the UK.

The new line of distinctively creative apparel consists of ties, suspenders, and bow ties that feature a highly-defined photographic image of roasted coffee beans. Each item in the line is printed in Italy using a high-quality inkjet technology and then packaged individually in a wooden box.

The full line of Robert Charles products also includes scarves, neck ties, and a range of paper products with an expanded variety of designs. The line has already appeared in shops throughout Australia and New Zealand, and intends an further diversifying their product line items and selections in the future.

Robert Charles Ltd., P.O. Box 22-100, Wellington, New Zealand. Tel: (64)(4) 479-2383, Fax: (64)(4) 479-2382, E-mail: robert@robertcharles.co.nz

Shaker Country Meadowsweets
Shaker Country Meadowsweets has unveiled its upscale line of Tea Drops, herbal-flavored hard candies that melt in a cup of tea to sweeten and perfume it.

The Tea Drops are based on an 18th-century Shaker medicinal lozenge recipe and the product’s packaging ties into its history, says the company. Flavors include Rosemary Tangerine, Apricot Almond, Lemon-Anise, Spicy Ginger, Orange Bergamot, Lemon Mint, and Strawberry Rose Geranium. Tea leaf fortune readings are included in each box.

They are packaged in 2.5-oz. boxes and come 12 to a case. A four pack crated set is available for holiday gift giving. The same flavors, plus the additional flavor of Slightly Bittersweet Horehound, are also available as herbal candies.

Shaker Country Meadowsweets, 35 Hillside Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey 07205. Tel: (973) 926-2300, Fax: (973) 926-4440, E-mail: shakercountry@hotmail.com

Capresso Tops Off Its Line of
Automatic Coffee & Espresso Centers

Capresso has added the Capresso C3000 to its superb line of automatic coffee centers.

Designed for office and light commercial use (it can produce up to 60 cups per day), this fully automatic coffee and espresso center with pump-auto-cappuccino system is completely programmable. It grinds, tamps, brews and cleans in less than 50 seconds. It is also the first automatic coffee center sold in the U.S. with the Pump-Auto-Cappuccino System (PACS™), which produces hot, frothed milk in seconds, says the company.

Unlike other automatic coffee centers, the C3000 has two completely independent systems: one for coffee and one for frothing/steaming. This eliminates the waiting time between coffee and frothing. Other features include: a user-friendly LED display that provides short, plain-language instructions in one of seven languages; a 32-oz. milk container that can be stored in the refrigerator and then snapped onto the C3000; a conical burr grinder with six settings ranging from fine to coarse; cup storage with an on/off heating system for pre-heating cups; a 20-oz. bean container that grinds up to 40 portions of coffee; and a 96-oz. removable water container good for 60 espressos or 18 cups of coffee at a time.

Like the C1000 and C2000, the C3000 features the Claris Water Care System, which removes lead, copper, chlorine, and aluminum and eliminates the need to decalcify the machine.

Capresso Inc., 81 Ruckman Rd., Closter, New Jersey 07624. Tel: (201) 767-3999, Fax: (201) 767-9684, E-mail: contact@capresso.com

Tea & Coffee - February/March 2000

Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!

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