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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Yaucono Launches Limited Edition Gourmet Coffee

The new limited edition gourmet coffee “Yaucono Selecto” stands out for its excellent quality, creamy consistency and chocolate undertones. Coffee lovers can already enjoy this new selection that will exquisitely enhance their gourmet coffee tasting experience.

Its package design was inspired by the natural beauty of Puerto Rico as rendered by renowned Puerto Rican artist Jorge Zeno in his painting “El Yunque.” This magnificent work of art portrays the greatness of our island, our coffee-growing heritage, and our respect toward Mother Nature for giving us the best quality coffee beans in the world.

“Yaucono Selecto” Limited Edition is made of a special selection of 100% Arabica beans and the quality that has distinguished traditional Café Yaucono; Puerto Rico’s most famous coffee. For this gourmet edition, only top quality beans are toasted to a medium roast to enhance its unique flavor and fine grounding suitable for espresso coffee.

Cafe Yaucono, P.O. Box 13097, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00908. Tel: +1 787 721-3337, Email: info@yaucono.com, Web: www.yaucono.com.

Rubber Gaskets For Soft Foam Cups

Tomlinson’s Modular Dispensing Systems offers rubber gaskets that gently dispense soft foam cups one-at-a-time. These gaskets provide gentle, smooth dispensing thereby reducing waste since cups are not torn or damaged. This also ensures a better lid fit since the rubber gaskets do not tear or break the cup lip.

Gaskets fit on any Modular Simpli-Flex 2000, Simpli-Flex 1005, CSF1005 or ESF1005 Cup Dispenser. The Rubber Gaskets are shipped with easy to install instructions and cup sizing chart.

Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44125-1992. Tel: +1 216-587-3400, Fax: +1 216-587-0733, Web: www.tomlinsonind.com.

Rare Tea from Red Circle Tea

Red Circle Tea announces the exclusive release of one of the rarest teas in the world, Tribute Red Jade #18. This tea was hand picked and completely hand-processed in a Taiwanese monastery and took over 100 man hours to make. The monastery farms organically and tea plants are fertilized using only soybeans and honey. The tea represents the revival of ancient hand processing methods that were replaced with the introduction of machines.

The tea plant Red Jade #18 is unique. Unlike Taiwanese teas, which are generally grown and processed as oolongs, Red Jade #18 is a red tea (completely oxidized tea leaves), made from grafting Burmese Assamica to a Taiwanese native tea plant. The prefix of Tribute is added to the name to indicate that the tea was made in tribute to the art of hand processing. This is the only known Taiwanese Tribute tea hand processed and sold in the U.S.

Over 80% of the profit from Tribute Red Jade #18 will go back to the farmers, ushering in a new level of connection between consumers and tea farmers. Red Circle spent two years developing a first-of-its-kind partnership with the monastery, and owners Sina Carroll and Carnie Tran believe it was worth the effort.

Red Circle Tea, Tel: +1 415 216-9450, Email: sina@redcircletea.com, Web: wwww.redcircletea.com.

Bai Adds to its Current Line of Antioxidant Infusions

Bai, an antioxidant infusion that harnesses the goodness of coffee’s superfruit, announced that it will debut a new range of five-calorie beverages, Bai-5. The first variety in the new line will feature the thirst-quenching fresh fruit flavor of Sumatra Dragonfruit.

Bai beverages are powered by the coffee superfruit, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, to create refreshing drinks infused with a natural energy boost.

Bai-5 matches fresh fruit flavors with the spirit of some of the world’s great coffee-growing regions. Bai is lightly sweetened with organic Stevia, providing an alternative to highly-sugared, over-caffeinated products. Bai-5 debuts its first flavor, Sumatra Dragonfruit, this winter. At the same time, Bai will add a new flavor, Kenya Peach, to its current line of antioxidant infusions, which includes Tanzania Strawberry, Mango Kauai and Jamaica Blue Berry.

Bai offers a natural infusion of antioxidants, which have been shown to keep people’s immune systems strong and combat disease. ORAC, the scoring method used by the USDA to measure the antioxidant power of food and beverages, has validated that there are more than 3,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Units in each bottle of Bai. That’s 30 times the amount found in a gram of Acai and more than 40 times the amount found in a gram of raw pomegranate.

Bai Brands LLC, 150 Neil Court, Princeton, NJ 08540. Tel: +1 609 921-1262, Fax: +1 609 945-3159, Email: info@drinkbai.com, Web: www.drinkbai.com.

The Key to Consistency Roast After Roast

Designed with the science of coffee roasting in mind, The Coffee Roaster’s Reference Poster is the key to consistency roast after roast. This 18”x24” high resolution full color poster reveals percent of weight loss, tile disc comparisons, acidity, body and a bar graph detailing aspects of a controlled roast; including time and temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Cooper Coffee Company, 2501 Colorado Ave Ste 350, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Tel: +1 423 956-1065, Email: coopercoffee11@yahoo.com.

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