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Changes for the New Year

We are pleased to align ourselves with Spain’s preeminent coffee organizations with our Tea & Coffee World Cup in Seville, Spain, June 7 - 9. The Spanish Coffee Federation and Forum-Café will participate in our Symposium. The Spanish Coffee Federation (comprised of roasters and importers) will hold their annual meeting in Seville during our World Cup as well. Forum-Café, the association for the out-of-home market will also hold The Andalusia Barista Championship at our Exhibition. Coffee and tea tastings and roasting workshops are also included in the World Cup schedule.

Helping us with our editorial direction and to give our readers the best possible topical articles, we have amassed a group of experts from various segments of the industry to join our newly appointed Editorial Advisory Board. We thank these industry leaders - Christian Wolthers of Wolthers America, Stephen Hurst, Mercanta; Phillip Beattie, Dilllanos; Dan Ephraim, Modern Process Equipment; Neal Robinson, Bunn; Roberto Pregel, Sistema Espresso Italiano; Michael Cramer, Adagio Teas; and Joe Simrany of the U.S. Tea Council/ STI, as we navigate through an erratic economic year.

Established in 1901, we have been covering the two industries through many changes of the times. With this longevity comes a respectable reputation, a long history of reporting and an important voice in the community. However, there is also a responsibility to adapt and evolve with the times. While one can never underestimate the comfort in print media, feeling the pages between your fingers, we have decided to enter the digital age in full force with the launch of our online version of the magazine. This will allow us to stay current with the media market, expand our reader base and help the tea and coffee industries make the transition to an internet-friendly outlook. In today’s information age, speed is everything…and we hope to be the ones reaching you first with up to date articles, timely topics and valuable coverage. Through the world wide web, our global community has just gotten much closer.

2009 brings a year of change and we welcome this with open arms. Stay tuned for our all-new www.teaandcoffee.net website!

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher


Tea & Coffee - January, 2009

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