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Calini Develops Automatic Vacuum Pack Machine
Calini specializes in packaging machines for coffee, both in bags and in cans, both under vacuum or in atmosphere. To assist the packaging needs of coffee roasters, Calini has developed one fully-automatic vacuum packaging machines for coffee bags from 1.75 oz up to 35 oz, starting from pre-made bags. The use of this fully-automatic machine is simple, and easy to run.

CALINI S.r.l., Via Bologna 74, 20010 Canegrate, Italy. E-mail: calini@calini.it.

Ima’s Flexibility And Versatility
During its 40 years, IMA has been developing many different machine models to pack tea, herbs and coffee. Each model has been designed to respond to a special market demand, both in terms of capacity and style. Every single model has found its niche in the world of packaging and this is confirmed by the fact that most of them are still being produced today.

The handling of delicate products can present difficulties, IMA has been able to design dedicated technical solutions allowing the packaging of products with even the most particular characteristics.

Most of IMA machines are able to produce either naked bags, bags with crimped or heatsealed outer envelope, with or without carton.

IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A., Via Emilia Emilia 428-442, 40064 Ozzano Dell’Emilia, Bologna, Italy. Tel: (39)(051)6514111, E-mail: mktg.tea@ima.it.

Three New 5lb Coffee Stock Bags
Pacific Bag announces three new 5lb “stock” bags for the 2002 coffee season. President, Mark Howley states, “five pound bags are a big mover-the new stock bags are a response to small and medium size roasters looking for new ideas.” New items include: 5lb extra long (for dark roasts), red, and copper.

Pacific Bag, Inc., 2045 120th Ave., N., Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005. Tel: (425) 455-1128, FAX: 425) 455-1129, Website: www.pacificbag.com.

New Metallized Film Laminate
A reverse printed Polyester, laminated to a metallized seal web has been introduced by Multifilm Packaging Corp. The company extrudes the inner web and the film is thereafter barrier metallized. The Polyester web is printed up to 6 colors and the two webs are thereafter laminated and slit.

According to Dave Rohrschneider is Multifilm’s R&D manager. “The challenge was definitely the development of the sealant web. To make a film with sealing properties as good or better than LLDPE, make it metallizable and reach barrier properties needed for most dry food products took a long time”. The solution was a co-extruded Polypropylene film with a low-temperature seal inside and a high-gloss barrier surface on the outside. “We now have a web with higher stiffness than LLDPE which allows for down gauging without losing any other properties needed for protection of the food product. The laminate has also been equipped with length-tear properties for easy open”, says Rohrschneider.

“The fact that we are fully integrated with extrusion, metallizing, printing, lamination and slitting not only makes us cost efficient. Our 2-ply film also replaces 3-ply laminates which of course allows our customers to upscale their packaging at no extra cost, or simply lower the cost by going from a 3 to 2-ply laminate”, says Olle Mannertorp, Multifilm’s president.

Multifilm is a Just In Time producer, ISO 9000 certified and operates in a climate-controlled plant following the guidelines of HACCP and GMP.

Multifilm Packaging Corp., 040 N. McLean Blvd., Elgin llinois 60123, Fax: 847-695-7645, E-mail: crogers@multifilm.com, Web site: www.multifilm.com.

Tea & Coffee - January/February, 2003
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