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Key Technology’s Marathon™ Shaker
Key Technology has introduced its longest vibratory conveyor, the Marathon™, which conveys product up to 100 feet on one shaker. It is one of the newest arrivals in the company’s expanding family of vibratory conveyors that help processors and packagers solve a range of conveying challenges.

The Marathon™ is based on a tuned natural frequency principle that reduces the overall weight of the system to minimize the support structure and maximize installation flexibility while improving system reliability. With this conveyor, Key extends the length of its vibratory shakers beyond the 30 feet that has traditionally been available with its Iso-Flo® shakers. The company is offering standard Marathon shakers that range in length from 30 to 100 feet.

Compared to competitive vibratory shakers that require additional weight to settle violent motion, Marathon™ is a lightweight, well-tuned system, says the company. It was designed using predictive modeling and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to define the characteristics of each shaker and minimize violent motion, thereby improving the performance of the vibratory conveyor. Reducing the overall weight of the shaker minimizes the need for massive support structures and maximizes installation flexibility.

The conveyor can be integrated with other shakers in the company’s family of conveyor systems, and together with the company’s assortment of Iso-Flo shakers and Spiral Elevators, the Marathon conveyor can be controlled with the modular control system Forte™.

Key Technology, Inc., 150 Avery St., Walla Walla, Washington 99362. Tel: (509) 529-2161, Fax: (509) 527-1331, E-mail: product.info@keyww.com

Café Ultima by WinCup
WinCup has launched Café Ultima, a new line of gourmet foam coffee cups. Designed with coffee colors of chocolate brown, rich cream, dark wine and hunter green, this generation cup has a smooth wall that slopes up to a flared rim, giving it a gourmet touch. And because the cup is made of foam, there is no need to double cup, says the company. The cups are available in five sizes: 8-, 12-,16-, 20-, and 24-oz. A gourmet dome lid which can be used for whipped toppings is also available for use with the line.

WinCup, 7980 West Buckeye Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85043. Tel: (623) 936-1791, Fax: (623) 936-0005.

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