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The Arial M52 Cappuccino Station by LaCimbali
To satisfy the many diverse requirements that companies may have, LaCimbali has released multiple versions of its Docevita® range of coffee machines.

The Cappuccino Station model has been designed to satisfy the needs of those premises that have a high production rate of espresso coffee and milk-based beverages. It has a built-in refrigerator with room for two gallons (8 liters) of milk and it is divided into two different containers so that different kinds of milk can be used. The machine also features two grinder-dosers and 12 coffee/milk selections and two hot water selections - all individually programmable for coffee, hot water, and milk doses.

Cimbali SpA, Via Manzoni 17, I-20082 Binasco, Italy. Tel: (39)(02) 905-550, Fax: (39)(02) 905-4818, E-mail: cimbali@cimbali.inet.it.

Hamilton Beach Specialty Drink Blenders
Hamilton Beach has introduced its new Tempest line of specialty drink blenders. These new blenders meet all the specialty drink blending needs, says the company. All models have a jar pad sensor for added protection which prevents blender operation when the container is not in place. Other new features include: a quad-angled stainless steel blade design, durable high torque 2+ hp motor, metal-to-metal drive couplings, and a smart status light for quick guidance while blending. The blenders also have a speed cruise control which ensures constant speeds regardless of the load.

The Tempest line consists of five models: models 91510 and 91515 feature three timed speed cycles; models 91550 and 91555 feature three speed cycles and a timer; models 91500, 91510, and 91550 have 64-oz. Lexan containers and models 91515 and 91555 have 32-oz. Lexan containers.

Hamilton Beach Commercial, 4421 Waterfront Drive, Glenn Allen, Virginia 23060. Tel: (1)(804) 273-9777, Fax: (1)(804) 527-7174.

Faema’s Start S10 and Start C10
Faema has introduced two new super automatic machines, the Start S10 (coffee only) and the Start C10. Both models have been designed for premises that have medium espresso coffee production needs yet still want the many advantages that automation offers - ease of use, quick service, quality consistency, etc.

Both versions are equipped with two grinder-dosers, six drink selections, and a hot water selection - all individually programmable. The C10 model has a device which automatically warms and froths fresh milk so that it can be served alone or combined with espresso for a cappuccino or any other espresso-based beverage.

Faema SpA, Via XXV Aprile 15, I-20097 Son Donato, Milanese, Italy. Tel: (39)(02) 516-011, Fax: (39)(02) 5570-0420.

Tea & Coffee - January 2000


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